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Records Storage Services Reduce Cost and Protect Your Business

Vital Records Control is a nationwide expert in records storage and document management, and we have been serving business communities throughout the United States since 1988. We make it simple for you to store your business records off-site in one of our fully secure locations.

Keeping your records in a safe and organized system is essential for the security of any business. Off-site records storage is especially important for growing businesses that may be experiencing an increase in data. Without this, your business could experience build-up and eventually mismanagement of your important records.

Vital Records Control does exactly what our company name says: gives you control of your vital and important records.

Easy Pickup and Delivery

At Vital Records Control we make your transition into off-site records storage easy. It’s as simple as calling us to pick up your boxes and store them securely in our facility. We do all of the heavy lifting and cause minimal distractions to your employees. If ever you need access to some of your files, they can be delivered by us quickly.

Vital Records Control Locations

Records Control

The beauty of the records storage services offered by Vital Records Control is the amount of control you have over your files. You can have access to your stored documents in-hand, in as little as two hours should an emergency arise.

Our online data storage system, known as VitalWeb®, allows you to easily and securely access and view any of the documents you have stored with Vital Records Control. All you require is simple access to a computer and the Internet. This completely eliminates the need for you to search through mountains of documents in filing cabinets to find the records you are looking for.

Records Storage Security

Vital Records Control is proud to share that we have some of the most secure records storage facilities in the United States. Your records will be kept completely safe from the moment they leave your office, until you retrieve or destroy them. Our records storage facilities are custom built and made with reinforced, solid concrete. We also have state-of-the-art intrusion detection alarm systems, 24 hour security, 24 hour live camera monitoring, limited employee access, and no unauthorized outside access is granted unless escorted into the facility.

About Vital Records Control ®

Feedback from VRC Customers

Medical Client – Renea is always polite and quick to resolve problems.

Medical Client – Renee & Tina are absolutely AMAZING. Always nice, always accurate, always on time. LOVE them. Travis that delivers is also amazing, on time, and very helpful.

Corporate Client – The VRC personnel are great, I recommend your company often – keep up the good work

Medical Client – Renee is ALWAYS super sweet and helpful when I call. She always has a great attitude and she’s very knowledgeable! I absolutely appreciate all she does to help when I call. Also Ben is wonderful! He comes in here with the best attitude and always polite!

Medical Client – The office personnel have always been very friendly and courteous and never fail to get the all the needed information when I am calling in to order boxes, etc. The personnel that brings boxes and the personnel that picks up the information to be shredded is also very professional and courteous.

Legal Client – Our driver for the mobile destruction service is Daniel and he is very helpful and willing to do anything that I ask of him. I always speak with Debra in the office and she is outstanding, so helpful, very courteous and will help with anything I need. Cannot say enough good things about the company.

Corporate Client – Herman consistently exceed my expectations in customer service, and accurate delivery of inventory. Additionally, he is ALWAYS courteous. Thank You for this survey which allow me to point out such an outstanding employee.

Medical Client – When you call VRC they respond quickly and will pick up the same day no later than the following day. VitalWeb makes research and ordering so easy.

Logistics Client – I brought VRC to our company over 14 years ago because we used them when I worked at our competitor. They were awesome then and just as good or better now. Every time I call most of the girls know me before I advise who I am. They are very polite and friendly. Always do whatever I need. The men that deliver are gentlemen thru and thru. Young Ben is just the best. Wonderful company.

University Client – Recently I was visited by two employees to pick up and drop off cartons and labels. They were respectful, informative, and provided excellent customer service.

Corporate Client – Stacey, Renae, Shannon…These young ladies have been the BEST at customer service. They never fail to please. The VRC box is wonderful.

Financial Services Client – Jerome is great and very helpful. All of the phone staff is wonderful. Thanks to all for making my job easier.

Corporate Client – Any time I have called to either have a pick-up scheduled or retrieve files I have always had a courteous and knowledgeable person helping me. Your turn around time at the Little Rock location is exceptional and I know if I call before noon I will get my files the next day. I LOVE THE VITALWEB! It is a great way to only input the information ONE time. Thank you for the VITALWEB software.

Corporate Client – Vital Web is the BEST on-line inventory program in the business and I have used them all.

Legal Client – Bobby has worked with our law firm on a new contract last month. Throughout the process, he has exhibited professionalism and provided sound business sense to help both parties create a mutually beneficial agreement. We believe that he went above and beyond our expectations to achieve a long term business relationship.

Accounting Client – Lexi is a wonderful representative to your company and is ALWAYS helpful and curious to all of our needs!

Real Estate Client – All staff at the Ft. Myers location are the most courteous…. They have always been more than helpful and kind.

Government Client – Cindi & Lexi in Customer Service are superior. Todd, the delivery driver is fast, courteous and a real pleasure to work with. And I believe all of this is due to the excellent management at VRC.

Automotive Dealer Client – Everyone at VRC has always provided efficient and courteous service. It is pleasure dealing with the Staff. The service is always prompt and accurate.

Medical Client – The staff at the Ft Myers location have always gone above and beyond for us and the customer service is excellent!!!

Medical Client- Matt and Mike are both excellent to work with. They take very good care of all of our needs!

Medical Client – I have worked with Sue for the past 6 years. I have really enjoyed working with her – she has a great attitude and has gone beyond the call of duty to help me find charts.

Legal Client – I have worked with your company for a total of 25 years. During these years I have always received excellent service. I feel your employees have always been courteous, professional and always very helpful. You have one employee whom I deal with on daily basis, her name is Sue . I could never say enough nice things about a job well done. I feel she always goes above and beyond and has definitely exceeded my expectations.