Keep Your Workplace Protected from Identity Theft

Unfortunately identity theft is an issue that continues to arise across the United States, and it can have devastating effects on an individual or business. The reality is, if an identity thief gets their hands on your company’s business records, they may be used to secure loans or financing, under your company name. This can […]

5 Mistakes Caused by the use of an Office Shredder

Shredding in-house may seem like the most cost-effective solution for your document shredding needs, however, this method can surprisingly lead to many mistakes and those mistakes could be costly to your Memphis business. In fact, the consequences that can occur as a result of using an office shredder can significantly outweigh the supposed ‘cost-saving’ benefits. […]

Secure Document Shredding in Fort Myers

Whether you belong to a large corporation or manage a small business from home, how you handle sensitive documents has a great influence on your work. Rather than throw these papers away for the world to view, choose a more secure option. At Vital Records Cont rol, we provide paper shredding for Fort Myers residents and […]

Collection Bins for Your Sensitive Documents

Collection Bins for Your Sensitive Documents As a business, regardless of your industry, you deal with documents on a daily basis that contain private details; these details may be in regards to your customers, employees, or your competition. In any case, it’s vital that these papers remain secure at all times, whether they are being […]

For Peace of Mind Choose Tape Destruction

Most people think that when deleting an old file on your computer it’s gone for good. Unfortunately that’s not the case, even if you empty it from the recycling bin. The same holds true with regards to data on old tapes or disks, the same holds true. But can’t you simply wipe an old disk […]

Secure Document Shredding Services in Memphis

Your company produces a significant amount of information, and it’s likely going to increase over time. At a time where privacy and information laws are more stringent than ever, it’s critical that you are securely managing, storing, and disposing of your information at all times. Taking the necessary steps, such as using document shredding services, […]

Secure Document Shredding Services in Little Rock

Businesses of all sizes in Little Rock generate a significant amount of information on a regular basis, and in most cases it’s on the rise in terms of volume. Most business documents contain confidential details that need to remain safe from exposure. Privacy laws only continue to increase, therefore it is critical your business is […]

Professional Document Shredding Services in Lexington

Your Lexington business generates a large number of documents, which will likely only increase over time. Because of strict privacy laws in Kentucky, safeguarding employee and customer information from unauthorized exposure, is a critical practice all businesses should have in place. Implementing secure, records management procedures such as document shredding, will significantly help with general […]

How to Avoid Information Overload – The Case for a Records Management Program

There is no denying that companies of all sizes are dealing with exponentially more information than ever before. Between e-mails, contracts, invoices, letters, web content and a variety of other records, information volume is growing at a rapid rate. Industry analyst Gartner says that despite their best efforts, one third of Fortune 100 businesses will […]

Professional Document Shredding Services in Jackson

Your Jackson Company likely goes through a vast amount of documents each day, and chances are the volume won’t decrease any time soon. Most business documents contain critical information regarding customer and employee details that need to remain private. Because of strict privacy laws in place, protecting these documents from unauthorized exposure is a crucial […]