VitalVault: Backup Tape Storage

Vital Record Control®’s media vault is a key component to any company’s comprehensive risk management program.

vaultTo ensure the safety of your data as well as adhere to Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery compliance, secure offsite storage or your backups are essential.

Our Vault provides precise climate control which extends the life expectancy of your media three fold from 5 to 15 years and is a highly recommended records management solution.

Security is maintained by a computer-controlled access system and is monitored 24 hrs a day. The vault environment is protected by a FM200 Fire Suppression System, a waterless and odorless gas released in precise amounts to assure safety of your media.

VaultTrak is our proprietary inventory tracking software and incorporates barcode scanning technology into the critical task of accurately managing your offsite media library. VaultTrak allows online access for our clients to manage their offsite data. Special requests, tape movements and reporting can all be performed using our online system.

Our trained, bonded and background checked couriers pickup your company’s vital data at your location at the specific time you designate. We have flexible service programs to meet your schedule for daily, weekly, or monthly offsite data rotation. Rush service available with a guaranteed 2-hour turnaround time during normal business hours. Emergency access to your data is provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For added security and protection, all service vehicles are climate controlled, unmarked, GPS tracked and equipped with HALON fire extinguishers.

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