VitalStor: Box and File Storage

VitalWeb® for Records/On-Line Service Available.

VRC has created a custom designed web-based software package to manage your records, VitalWeb®. This system has been designed to allow maximum flexibility to the customer in how they want their information sorted and managed. VitalWeb® is essential towards the success of your information governance program.

Delivery and pick-up of record retrievals


VRC customizes the delivery procedures to fit each customer’s different needs. VRC provided SAR (Service Activity Record) forms coupled with our custom VitalRF® tracking of boxes and files insures the industry’s best chain of custody process. VRC offers same-day, next-day, rush, emergency and scan on demand delivery options.

box storage

Standard turn-around time

VRC provides a variety of delivery or pickup options. If the request is made by 10:00 a.m., the boxes will be delivered or picked-up by 4:00 p.m. of the same day. If the request is made by 3:00 p.m., the service will be performed by noon of the next day. Additionally, VRC provides same-day additional deliveries for requests called in after the above mentioned times. VRC also provides emergency delivery services. This service provides a two-hour turnaround promise 24 hours a day every day of the year.

On-Site Viewing of Records

VRC has multiple on-site viewing rooms available at no cost, for reasonable use, to our customer’s for easier viewing and/or copying of records. This eliminates the delivery fee and the necessity for giving up your valuable office space for large audits, research projects, etc.

Destruction of records

Procedures for notification

VRC will post a monthly list with BARCODES of destruction eligible boxes to VitalWeb® for 100% accuracy of all the boxes available for destruction at the time of the report running. You can even review and approve destruction electronically in VitalWeb®.

Standard turnaround time

Once approval has been obtained, VRC updates the inventory system within 48 hours that these boxes are now status “D” for destroyed. This stops any additional storage charges after that month from being billed to you and legally updates the box as being destroyed. VRC then pulls the requested boxes and has them confidentially destroyed under our NAID certified processes.

Ability to customize to your company

VRC already provides many customized pulling services to various customers and would be willing to do so for you. Additionally, VRC can now offer automatic customized retention scheduling to determine the dates for boxes to be reviewed for destruction. Your company would only have to keep VRC informed of changes to the master retention schedule as opposed to the current method of updating each individual box that is affected by said change.