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Financial Records Management

Tackle record-keeping with safe and secure financial records management services for your critical information.

Our financial services records management helps financial institutions comply with privacy regulations with secure storage, scanning, and shredding of sensitive documents.

As a financial services company, you must protect the integrity of sensitive documents and electronic records. 

At Vital Records Control, we understand how important information security is to financial firms. In addition to protecting your clients’ information, financial firms are under constant scrutiny from regulators. 

Whether you’re managing mortgage records, personnel data, commercial account information, credit card information, signature cards, or wills, we help financial institutions comply with privacy regulations by providing secure storage for sensitive records and documents. Our document management services safeguard your financial records so that information remains organized efficiently and compliantly.

File Storage for Financial Institutions

Your clients’ information privacy is vital. VRC offers offsite storage solutions for storing and managing your firm’s hard copy financial paper records, including tax returns, payroll information, retained earnings, income data, cash flow statements, and more. For your security, we provide barcode tracking software and securely monitored off-site records storage centers.

Our record storage facilities protect your private financial documents with climate-controlled storage that includes 24/7 security monitoring, on-demand delivery and pickup services, and more. Our specialists will work with you to craft an effective financial records management plan that helps organize and sort your physical records. 

To ensure that your business can access your files as soon as you need them, you can take advantage of our records management system, VitalWeb. Your financial records will be safely stored, barcoded, indexed, and tracked within VitalWeb. Individual files can also be barcoded and indexed and made available for easy online access.

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Off-site Tape Storage

We offer off-site backup tape storage for electronic documents that help your firm mitigate data loss or theft risk.

Our media vaults are custom-designed and climate-controlled to ensure that your electronic backup tapes and important financial records are safe and secure. 

With VRC’s financial management services, you can guarantee that your information is protected 24/7/365 and accessible when you need it.

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Document Conversion for Financial Paper Documents

As the digital world continues to grow, so do the ways you can manage your firm’s financial documents and records.

Our document imaging services help move your business forward by giving you streamlined online access to your records. We can help your financial practice transition from paper records to digital so that searching and retrieving information is faster and easier.

Our scanning specialists will scan and digitize your records into text-searchable documents. Then, we’ll upload the digital files into the document management system of your choice, or our cloud-based document storage system. 

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Secure Shredding for Financial Records

VRC’s shredding services include onsite and off-site shredding, one-time purges, and mobile shredding services for both paper shredding and hard drive destruction. We ensure that your records stay secure during the shredding process and that shredding is done in compliance with state and federal regulations. 

We’ll work with you to customize the right solution for your document destruction needs, considering your paper usage, retention requirements, regulatory compliance needs, and budget. We’re NAID-certified for document destruction at each of our shredding facilities. 

With VRC’s sustainable shredding services, you can strengthen your company’s green initiatives. At the end of each destruction project, we’ll recycle your shredded materials and provide a Certificate of Destruction for your records.

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Federal Regulations for Financial Firms

Financial service companies are required to meet federal regulations that mandate how you protect your customers’ information. VRC’s records information management solutions are designed to help you comply with:

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