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Government Records Management

Meet information governance and retention requirements for managing government records.

With VRC, managing government records is secure, compliant, and cost-effective.

According to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), federal records are not only considered to be paper documents – but they also include digital information. And, as the use of new digital formats – including social media posts, email messages, and online recordings – increases, so does the volume of information that government entities have to manage.

When these new formats combine with the mounting pressures of limited budgets and federal regulations like the Data Center Optimization Mandate, Reduce the Footprint Policy, and Open Data Policy, public sector agencies need secure information management solutions more than ever.

With Vital Records Control’s government records management solutions, your agency can take control of its various types of records, allowing you to save space, time, and resources. We specialize in document storage, imaging, management, and secure shredding for government agencies.

Our government records management solutions include highly secure records storage facilities that meet NARA 36 CFR Part 1234 storage requirements to improve processes and save space.

And, we can scan and digitalize physical records for easy retrieval. We can also shred physical records according to government record retention guidelines.

NARA Compliant Records Storage for Federal Government

Vital Records Control goes to great lengths to ensure that your sensitive government records are kept safe in secure facilities.

Our storage solutions give state and local government agencies peace of mind knowing their information is stored in a network of NARA-compliant federal records facilities.

Vital Records Control’s federal storage facilities are:

  • Protected by perimeter, entry, and interior security protocols.
  • Equipped with approved fire-safe construction.
  • Climate-controlled with year-round, 24/7/365 security and fire detection monitoring systems.
  • Staffed by employees who have passed pre-employment background checks and ongoing employment periodic criminal checks, performed by third-party auditing agencies.

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Records Management Software for Government

VitalWeb, is a powerful, easy-to-use web-based records management system that allows you to access and manage stored records from your PC or mobile device. No software or installation fees are required.

Log in to your account to search for boxes and files. Authorized users can easily request and download stored paper records.

VitalWeb file management software allows you to:

  • View your stored records inventory
  • Perform simple searches to locate files
  • Create custom reports
  • View recent requests and orders
  • Order scan-on-demand and destruction services

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Document Scanning Services for Federal Government Agencies

Vital Records Control offers a variety of document scanning services to help your agency convert large amounts of information into digital formats. Our experienced imaging team will work with you to develop a cost-effective plan for managing your document scanning requirements. We’ll digitize your records, and your scanned images will be uploaded into the document management system of your choice.

If it’s not within your budget to fully convert extensive inactive record storage inventories into digital images, we also provide scan-on-demand services. This hybrid document management solution combines the advantages of conventional, inexpensive hard copy storage services with the latest technologies for secure FTP electronic file delivery. By allowing VRC to store your hard copy files and scan only what you need to retrieve, you can:

  • Eliminate operational expenses that come from having your employees manage the document scanning process.
  • Reduce costs and expenses associated with buying custom scanning equipment, software, and licenses.
  • Request retrieval on demand. We will retrieve, prep, scan, index, and deliver the document to you digitally within your required timeframe.
  • Back up paper documents by converting them into digital images.

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Cloud Services for Government

As federal agencies continue to face budget constraints and the amount of unstructured data generated by applications continues to grow, government cloud computing is becoming an increasingly useful solution for data management.

VRC offers cloud storage as a cost-effective solution for government agencies who need to securely store electronic files and retrieve them efficiently.

We’ll work with you to design a data protection program that includes state-of-the-art facilities for data storage with strict security monitoring, 24/7. And, with our flexible cloud-computing service model, you only pay for the data you store.

With our cloud services, government records managers and staff can instantly search and access the files they need. This saves your agency time and allows you to respond to citizens’ requests for information faster.

Here’s how the process works:

  • We scan, digitize, and index your documents according to your retrieval needs.
  • Your files are uploaded to our secure cloud hosting platform.
  • Your files are encrypted so only authorized users have access.

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Government Information Security and Shredding

As an organization that provides services to the public, you are obligated to protect the confidentiality of citizens’ personal information. And, as a federal agency, the disposal of government property, including records, must be conducted in compliance with information security laws.

With Vital Records Control’s secure shredding services for federal agencies, you’re able to safely destroy obsolete paper and electronic records in a cost-effective way. Each of our shredding facilities is designed for NAID-certified for document destruction. We offer onsite and offsite shredding, one-time purges, recurring shredding, and hard drive destruction services tailored to your agency’s retention requirements and budget.

With chain of custody protocols and secure logistics included in each of our destruction solutions, Vital Records Control is trusted by government and government-funded organizations across the United States. Our shredding services help you:

  • Guard against government breaches.
  • Comply with government shredding requirements.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by recycling shredded materials.

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Your VRC Advantage

Secure Access

Your staff will be able to easily and securely access your stored files, 24/7.

Reduce Risk

Our NARA-compliant storage facilities have strict security protocols, year-round climate control and state of the art fire prevention.

Save Space and Money

Storing records offsite frees up office space and personnel time for other uses.

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See how we can help protect your records and documents throughout their life cycle.