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Records Management for Insurance

Vital Records Control can help your insurance agency manage information, improve compliance and accelerate workflows.

Insurance companies are flooded with new data every day, including new applications, claims, policy changes, quotes and other administrative paperwork. Thoughtfully managing all of this information takes up your staff’s valuable time. And, it can be challenging to keep up with constantly changing regulations.

Vital Records Control has the expertise to help you manage and access your physical and electronic records in a compliant, cost-effective way. Our team will work with you to develop and implement a records management plan that aligns with your information governance program and complies with industry regulations, including HIPAA, AML, GLBA, and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

And, our records management solutions help you manage your information through its entire lifecycle. We provide records storage, online document management, digital imaging and secure shredding services for all your information management needs.

Document Storage for Insurance Agencies

Insurance agencies must retain both physical and digital records for extended periods of time. Vital Records Control offers accountable, secure storage solutions for your records – no matter what formats they’re in.

Vital Records Control is SSAE18 certified, and our offsite storage facilities are governed by strict chain of custody protocols for maximum security and protection. Each records center is equipped with advanced ESPR fire suppression technology, temperature controls, and 24/7 security monitoring.

With our storage options, you can:

  • Store records offsite and use office space more efficiently.
  • Reduce the time your staff spends searching for files
  • Leverage VitalWeb, our online  records management software, to manage your stored inventory, order scan-on-demand and shredding services, run reports and monitor document retention schedules.

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Digital Transformation for Insurance

The insurance industry requires that documents to be securely stored, yet available at a moment’s notice. Our digital imaging and document hosting services let you expedite retrieval processes while automating workflow.

Our imaging team can scan and index your important documents, then integrate them into the document management system of your choice. You can also retrieve digital files through our online cloud storage repository, ensuring your information is accessible whenever you need it.

Our document scanning services allow you to:

  • Synthesize physical and digital information.
  • Convert legacy files to digital assets, and access them through a centralized document management system.
  • Reduce operational costs and boost profitability.

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Cloud Storage for Insurance Documents

Our cloud-based repository allows authorized users to access business information all in one complete digital platform. VRC’s services include cloud storage and digital delivery of scanned documents, making it easy for you to search, access, and share files from anywhere, on any device. You can save time and money while retrieving digitized documents quickly and easily.

Not only can sales agents retrieve reliable, up-to-date information, but authorized users are able to monitor document activity and changes. Misuses or violations of your document management processes can be identified and corrected quickly, keeping you compliant.

Our cloud storage services enable insurers to:

  • Process claims and customer requests more efficiently.
  • Improve workflows and increase productivity.
  • Ensure faster document processing times and give greater insight into business processes.

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Secure Destruction for Insurance

Our records management specialists will help you design a secure retention and destruction program so you can manage your physical and electronic records throughout their lifecycles.

Our secure shredding solutions not only help you maintain the privacy of your clients’ records, but also reduce your risk of fraud, theft and legal fines.

We offer NAID AAA Certified shredding including mobile, offsite and onsite, and one-time destruction solutions customized to your insurance firm’s specific needs. With our shredding services, you can:

  • Maintain compliance with all applicable state and federal disposal laws.
  • Lessen the risk of data breaches with shredding and hard drive destruction options.

Have shredded materials recycled to support your firm’s sustainability efforts.

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