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Legal Document Management

VRC can help your law firm improve storage processes for legal case files by designing a document management solution that preserves electronically stored information.

For any law firm, the essential goals of litigation support are organizing, analyzing, and presenting information for case materials. To do this, your firm needs a document management solution customized to help you improve processes and access the information you need, when you need it.

Our industry-leading records and information management (RIM) solutions offer advanced protection and access to your information. We help you make the transition from paper-based records to digital files, and can securely destroy vital records once they’ve reached the end of their lifecycle.

Managing thousands of your clients’ documents, including both physical and electronic records, is no small task. Our RIM specialists will work with your firm to design a comprehensive legal records management plan to manage retention periods, retrievals, and electronic discovery (eDiscovery) while controlling document preparation costs for your clients.

Legal File Storage Solutions

VRC can provide offsite storage services for your firm’s legal archives and records. Whether your records are currently kept in your offices, or in a self-storage facility, we can design a storage program that meets your needs. And, before we relocate your files to one of our secure record storage centers, we’ll properly index them for ongoing storage and online management.

Once your case files are stored with VRC, you’ll receive access to our secure web-based records management portal, where you can track and manage file retrievals.

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Legal Document Scanning Services

The paper-based legal discovery and review process is now commonly managed digitally.

We can help you make the transition from paper records to digital files, to make finding and retrieving even faster and easier.

All electronically stored information (ESI) for litigation support, including digital image files, must have valid metadata. Our imaging specialists will work with your firm to design an indexing protocol for your case files that allows for seamless integration into your litigation support processes and document management systems.

As your paper case files are scanned, our specialists will create corresponding metadata indexes and capture descriptions according to your retrieval requirements.

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Legal Document Management Software

These days, many attorneys work remotely. But, they still need immediate access to important case information.

Once your documents are digitized, we’ll help you integrate your electronic records into a centralized repository so you can spend more time focusing on your case load and less time searching for documents. Attorneys working remotely can securely access the documents and files they need online, increasing productivity.

To help ensure the safe and secure delivery of your digital files, we provide:

  • Physical file delivery via encrypted storage devices (ex. DVD, USB, or peripheral Hard Drive)
  • Encrypted online delivery via secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP) directly into your legal document management system
  • Secure, encrypted online access to digital files via VRC’s cloud-based document image repository

Scanned documents can also act as backups for paper documents in the event of a disaster.

Defensibly Destroy Legal Records

Defensible disposition is a critical step towards mitigating risk and complying with information governance procedures for law firms.

Our document shredding services help you securely destroy paper and electronic records once they’ve reached the end of their retention period for final disposition.

We offer onsite and offsite shredding,  as well as one-time purges for your confidential information. At the end of each destruction project, you’ll be given a Certificate of Destruction for your records in compliance with local, state, and federal laws.

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Your VRC Advantage for Legal Records Management

Secure Access

Your firm's legal documents and information is secure and available, 24/7.

Easy Access

Attorneys can access all legal documents and records seamlessly.

Defensible Destruction

Shredding services securely destroy all eligible files and legal documents.

Save Space and Resources

Storing records with VRC allows you to save valuable office space and your staff focus to focus on their cases.

Reduce Risk

Our secure storage and destruction solutions lower the risk of theft, damage and security breaches.

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