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Records Management for Schools, Universities and Colleges

Vital Records Control can help you find a cost-effective way to manage your school, college or university's documents and records.

Educational institutions and research organizations are made up of many departments and offices that have different responsibilities and needs. From human resources and admissions to academic departments and facilities management, modern higher educational institutions generate large volumes of paper. Sometimes, paper-dependent processes can’t be changed due to budget constraints.

Vital Records Control can help your institution find a cost-effective way to manage the constant influx of information. There’s no need to rely on a one-size-fits-all approach to your records management. Vital Records Control can design a custom management solution that fits your individual department or school district’s needs.

From document scanning and data entry to secure shredding and document management systems, we provide a wide range of solutions. We’ll work with your staff to formulate a comprehensive solution for managing paper-based records and electronic documents that addresses the root causes of your information management challenges, so you can efficiently manage your documents moving forward.

We have more than 30 years of experience working with accounts payable/receivable documents, personnel files, and educational records. Our chain of custody protocols meet compliance regulations, so you can be assured that your organization’s information is secure.

Document Storage for Educational Institutions

Vital Records Control’s record centers include more than 100 state-of-the-art warehouse facilities that have been designed with the security of your confidential information in mind.

All of our buildings are monitored for security and fire detection, 24 hours a day, seven days a week by third-party monitoring agencies.

When you store your records with VRC, you can guarantee your files won’t get lost. In our facilities, files are meticulously organized in a way that allows us to retrieve and deliver the exact documents you need, when you need them.

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Educational Records Management

Our records management utility, VitalWeb, makes managing student records simple by giving you secure online access to your records storage inventory databases. All storage containers are barcoded, indexed, and tracked. Database activity is monitored by username and password authorization. Authorized users can research inventories, annotate indexing descriptions, review retention schedules and process destruction initiatives.

Our online records management portal will help your institution manage its records as they approach the end of their life cycles by identifying which records are eligible for destruction. This helps you avoid ongoing storage costs, potential litigation risks and discovery costs that may be incurred when records are stored beyond their legal retention requirements.

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Document Scanning for Schools and Universities

Use our document imaging and scan-on-demand services to convert paper records to digital files that can be uploaded to the document management software of your choice. You can also retrieve them from our cloud storage repository.

With document scanning services, you can streamline paper-dependent processes including applications, enrollment, payroll, financial aid, alumni fundraising, and more. And, whether on campus or at home, school administrators, students, and alumni can access and share the files they need, whenever they need them.

Our imaging specialists can help convert:

  • Student and Alumni Records
  • Personnel files
  • Enrollment Applications
  • Invoices
  • Diplomas
  • Test Scores
  • Scholarships and Grants
  • Transcripts

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Document Shredding

When confidential information falls into the wrong hands, your institution could become vulnerable to revenue loss, privacy breaches, identity theft, intellectual property theft, scams, and more.

Vital Records Control can design a cost-effective document destruction solution that meets your needs and budget. We offer both onsite and offsite shredding services.

We can place locking shred consoles on your campus or in your offices to securely collect confidential information for destruction. Simply schedule your shred day, and we’ll come to your location to destroy your private records.

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Information Protection and Compliance

Our records management solutions protect the privacy of student and educational records in compliance with:

Your VRC Advantage

Secure Access

Securely access your digitized data from PCs and mobile devices, 24/7.

Data in Multiple Formats

Paper archives can be converted into accurate, usable data delivered in ASCII, Excel or other formats in days, not weeks.

Reduce Risk

Our services are compliant with HIPAA, SarbanesOxley, and other regulatory protections and standards.

Certified Destruction

Our information destruction services are NAID AAA-certified.

24/7 Customer Service

Our friendly customer service team and project managers are here to help, whenever you need us.

U.S. Based

All of our services are proudly performed in the United States.

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