4 Reasons to Outsource Document Management

Finding the right document management system to organize your legal records and client files effectively can be overwhelming. Trusting a professional company with secure storage, data hosting and digital imaging solutions can help.

Why Your Business Should Outsource Document Management:

1. Mitigate Risk

Outsourcing your document management to professionals helps to mitigate risky by ensuring your company complies with government regulations. Privacy laws surrounding personal information and identity theft vary from region to region, making it difficult to keep up with new guidelines. By working with a trusted partner with high-quality compliance procedures, your private documents are securely stored by privacy laws.

2. Reduce Paper Pile-up

Regardless of a company’s size, most businesses have one thing in common – paper usage. While many of us hope to become a paperless office one day, the reality is that our society isn’t quite there. According to, the U.S. usage of paper and board was 77.4 million tons in 2015. With the average company producing massive amounts of documents on a regular basis, onsite records storage becomes challenging and makes record retrieval extremely difficult.

Furthermore, cluttered paper results in disorganized business infrastructure. What if your customer requires a document immediately or you are faced with a situation that is time-sensitive and requires specific records? Nobody wants to be met with such a scenario as it causes stress among your staff and causes customer dissatisfaction. Outsourcing document imaging needs to eliminate paper build-up and create a clean, clutter-free environment. Archive your critical documents using state-of-the-art indexing and storage software, so you’ll never have to worry about misplaced records again.

3. Improve Employee Efficiency

Employees can spend countless hours filing, searching for documents, scanning or shredding papers. Each of these tasks can be daunting and reduce productivity. Research from a McKinsey and Company study reveals that workers only spend 39% of their time on role-related tasks. The remaining 61% of the time is spent on emails, connecting with coworkers or searching for a missing document.

So what’s the solution? With an organized document management system in place with secure document storage and instant retrieval of records, your staff can quickly perform records retrieval and spend time attending to duties they were hired to perform.

4. Receive a Customized Solution

Every business has unique challenges when it comes to the requirement of document management. Whether your business needs long-term record retention or the digitization of legacy archives, converting every file at once may not be a feasible option. A great alternative is to partner with a company who will store and manage large volumes of existing data off-site while delivering paper records electronically when requested. This solution allows employees to access electronic files on a regular basis and saves your business time and money long-term.

No matter what your information management goals are, you deserve a customized solution to fit your needs.

Let a document management partner handle the storage and protection of your vital records so your company can focus on its core business.

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