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Document Scanning Services

We offer document imaging services ranging from the scanning of bulk paper archives, indexing, to the ongoing digitization of your documents. No matter what stage of digitization your company is in or your budget, our scanning team works with you to handle document conversion projects of all sizes at competitive prices.

Making your workplace digital will increase efficiency throughout your business while enabling employees to locate and share documents instantaneously.

Our document solutions include:
  • Bulk Paper Scanning Services  – Conversion of vast paper archives into searchable files allowing you to reduce document storage costs.
  • Day Forward Scanning – Transitioning your incoming paper flow into digital formats and integrating them with your existing files.
  • Onsite Imaging Services– Scanning at your premises and indexing documents for easy searchability.
  • Offsite Document Scanning– Transporting your documents to any of our secure digital imaging centers for scanning and indexing.
We can help you reach your digital conversion objectives. Contact us for scanning prices for your next project.

See how we can help protect your records and documents throughout their life-cycle.

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Document Imaging

Digital Imaging Services

Our document imaging services include bulk paper conversions, large-format paper scanning, and indexing of files. By using our digital imaging solutions, you’ll be enabled to quickly access vital information and enforce a well-organized document management system throughout your company.

We work with a variety of clients including medical and healthcare companies, legal firms, financial entities, and government agencies. From microfilm, blueprints to legacy documents, we carefully convert your documents into the digital formats you need them in.

Our document imaging services offer:
  • Scanning of paper documents for digital media conversion
  • Converting microfilm into electronic images
  • Exporting electronic images onto microfilm
  • Digitization of medical records & X-rays
  • Converting paper documents to PDF or TIFF formats
  • Turning proprietary formation into non-proprietary formats
  • Scanning of books and ledgers
  • Converting aperture cards into electronic images
Learn more about transforming your existing filing cabinets into retrievable digital images.

See how we can help protect your records and documents throughout their life-cycle.

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Image Hosting

Image Hosting Services

We offer both online and physical image hosting services to accommodate all your document management needs.

By hosting your images with a trusted partner like Vital Record Control, your staff can conveniently access files with monitored user activity while you receive peace-of-mind knowing your information is stored securely.  Image hosting solutions accommodate instant data access from any of our repository centers while providing secure storage solutions.

Online Image Hosting Services Include:

  • Web-based ECM (electronic content management) portals to access and share information
  • Seamless integration of document capture into existing processes and workflows
  • Managed account supervision with data backup and data redundancy capabilities
  • Protection of physical and electronic data with controlled access
Physical Image Hosting Services:

We offer a wide range of hosting solutions varying from records storage, climate-controlled vaulting to destruction services to cover your end-to-end document management needs.

Contact us to automate workflow with a customized digitization plan.


See how we can help protect your records and documents throughout their life-cycle.

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