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Document Scanning Services - Vital Records Control

Document Scanning Services

Vital Records Control has been providing document scanning services for Fortune 500 companies since 1988. Unlike most enterprise scanning companies, we deliver exceptional customer service and accountability with each of document imaging solutions.

Whether you have a blueprint, medical, legal or other paper documents, our specialists can convert them into high-quality digital images and integrate them into a cloud-based document management system. And, with our nationwide network of digital centers, we’re able to assess your company’s document scanning needs and provide you with a solution that meets all your pricing and servicing requirements.

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Comprehensive Document Imaging Solutions

Vital Records Control is your one provider for all your scanning and digitization needs. From one-time document scanning projects to ongoing scanning services, we have an expert who can help you. Here’s a list of our services:

  • Bulk Document Scanning Services

    • Are you looking for a way to increase productivity for your business? Our bulk document scanning services can help you reach this goal by taking your legacy documents and converting them into high-quality digital formats that are classified and keyword searchable. Your digital files can be easily accessed and shared amongst staff members, cutting down on wasted time searching for records. Quick, secure access to data positions you to work smarter, better, and more efficiently.
  • Day Forward Scanning Services

    • Is paper overtaking your office, but you don’t have the time to scan it all yourself? Day forward scanning services stop paper flow from the point-of-entry at your office. Our team works with you to assess where the paper trail starts and establishes a program that prevents it from entering your business while still providing instant access to valuable information. Your paper documents are transported to one of our secure digital centers where they are scanned, indexed, and integrated into a secure cloud-based repository. Your staff will gain immediate access to imaged documents with enhanced user security level monitoring. Set your office up for success with paper-free digital solutions!
  • Scan-On-Demand Services

    • Do you need instant accessibility to your paper records, but concerned about the confidentiality and security of them? Our scan-on-demand solutions combine the protection of offsite records storage with the convenience and mobility of document scanning. We take your stored information from one of our records storage facilities and scan it at your request. Your scanned files can be accessed digitally from a mobile or electronic device in minutes. Your physical documents are then safely refiled in our secure storage facility. Ensure the right records are at-hand when you need them, and rest easy knowing your information is protected.
  •  Medical Records Scanning

    • Are you facing the reality that scanning all your legacy records is a more significant challenge than initially expected? Our medical records imaging professionals are HIPAA trained and ready to help simplify your digital transformation process. We prep, digitize, and index and then import them into an electronic medical records system (EMR) or your preferred storage server where they can be immediately accessed. A proprietary barcoding system tracks your files so they can be easily located at any point during the scanning process, guaranteeing your privacy and protection are never compromised. 
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See how we can help protect your records and documents throughout their life-cycle.

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Digital Transformation Services-Vital Records Control

Enhance Efficiency with Document Scanning Services

Imagine being forced to dig through an old file cabinet for a document every time a time-sensitive customer inquiry pops up. Our document scanning services can reduce the retrieval process that be can be lengthy, frustrating, and unproductive for employees. Scanned documents are stored in an electronic database, allowing multiple staff members to access and share information at the exact time it’s needed. We help you automate workflow throughout your organization so you can focus on the business-at-hand.

Increase Compliance with Imaging Solutions

Whether you’re in the healthcare, legal or financial industry, you may find that your industry regulations require you to keep both digital and physical records of your documents. Our scanning specialists, digital centers, and storage facilities adhere to HIPAA and other strict privacy standards to keep your documents fully protected. Your scanned documents are stored in a secure data center that provides secure user level monitoring access.

Digital Transition for Your Business

Business owners constantly need to find ways to work smarter and more productively. Our imaging team works with you to design a document imaging solution that accomplishes your short and long-term goals in a cost-effective manner. We help you increase efficiency and understand the multiple ways your business can benefit from document scanning so you can get the maximum return on your investment.

Large-Format Document Imaging Solutions

We work with a variety of clients including medical companies, legal firms, financial entities, and government agencies. From microfilm, microfiche, blueprints, X-Rays to legacy documents, we carefully convert your documents into the digital formats you need them in. We can help your business with the following:

  • Scanning of paper documents for digital media conversion
  • Converting microfilm into electronic images
  • Exporting electronic images onto microfilm
  • Digitization of medical records & X-rays
  • Converting paper documents to PDF or TIFF formats
  • Scanning of books and ledgers
  • Converting aperture cards into electronic images
Learn more about transforming your existing file cabinets into retrievable digital images.

See how we can help protect your records and documents throughout their life-cycle.

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Image Hosting

Scan-on-Demand and Image Hosting Services

Storing confidential documents onsite to meet records retention policies and legal requirements can be frustrating and costly. Our scan-on-demand solutions keep your information secure and accessible. We store your records in secure offsite storage repositories and scan them at your request, making it a cost-effective way for businesses to digitize documents over time, maximize office space, and improve compliance.

Our Scan-on-Demand Services Include:

  • Web-based electronic content management (ECM) portals to access and share information
  • Seamless integration of document capture into existing processes and workflows
  • Protection of physical and electronic data with controlled access

Gain faster record retrievals and peace-of-mind knowing your information is stored securely with scan-on-demand solutions.

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See how we can help protect your records and documents throughout their life-cycle.

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