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Digital Mailroom

Automate the collection, digitization, and distribution of physical mail that enters your office.

Efficiently collect, digitize, and distribute paper mail throughout your organization.

Is your company looking for a mail scanning service to convert your physical mail into digital documents?

Many businesses are facing a new reality that requires a virtual work environment. Along with a remote workforce, a set of unique challenges arises to deliver important documents on time. Important mail, such as checks, invoices, and sensitive customer information, is still being sent to your office, but your staff is not there to retrieve it.

Vital Records Control can help. Through our combination of scanning services and cloud storage solutions, our digital mailroom services enable your company to access important mail promptly. We’ll help you create a virtual mailroom management system that supports productivity and security for your business.

Bring Mobility to Your Mailroom

When your staff can’t be in the office, balancing the need for quick access to important documents and managing large volumes of incoming mail can be difficult.

We’ll help you save time and labor spent on sorting and distributing mail, ensuring you get the documents you need when and wherever they’re needed. All you need to do is notify the post office to redirect your letters and correspondence. Then, we’ll receive, barcode, and transport it to our secure facilities. Our GPS tracked vehicles can also pick up your mail and parcels at your office street address or PO Box.

Our imaging specialists open, scan, and index your paper mail according to your retrieval requirements. Using optical character recognition (OCR) technology, your content is made text-searchable. Once your information is digitized, you can access it in our cloud-based repository from anywhere, anytime. This approach allows you to take advantage of improved productivity and security with an agile solution that enables better remote working opportunities.

How Our Digital Mailroom Services Work:

  • We receive mail via your preferred carrier or will pick it up at your postal address or PO Box. Mail forwarding service options are also available.
  • Once your postal mail arrives at our digital imaging center, we open, sort, and prep the contents for scanning.
  • Our imaging specialists scan your envelopes and documents carefully, removing junk mail before scanning.
  • Our team creates PDF’s of your files using innovative imaging software.
  • We tag your mail by departments, categories, dates, employee names, and more.
  • We upload your digital files into our mail management software.
  • You retrieve your mail through our online platform and distribute it digitally throughout your organization.
  • After your mail items are scanned into the cloud, we’ll store them at our secure records storage facilities or shred them.

VRC Virtual Mailroom Benefits


• Document email sharing
• Search mail by departments, colleagues, and categories
• Upload your own documents or import emails
• See the status and track every piece of mail with a detailed audit trail
• E-signatures and editing capabilities


Our mail processing services provide cloud-based document management software that adheres to PCI regulations. All your data is firewall-protected with file encryption while at rest and in transit. We perform 24/7 monitoring and regular security updates for the ultimate protection of your critical information.

Flexible Pricing

Our mailroom outsourcing service is subscription-based and eliminates the upfront costs of legacy infrastructure and the need for ongoing IT maintenance. This pay-as-you-go pricing model allows you to control your protected data, access, and move it as needed with unlimited storage.

Digital Mailroom Process

Digital Mailroom Service Process

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