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When disaster strikes, we protect your information and accelerate recovery time.

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Accelerate recovery time – when disaster strikes

Your employees need to concentrate on the business at hand. But with large volumes of media and electronic information to back up and store, you’re using valuable time and space to manage it.

By moving your media and tapes storage offsite and into the care of a trusted information management provider, you can relieve the burden of data backup itself and amplify the time towards recovery.

Preventative data backup and vaulting solutions

At Vital Records Control, our goal is to make the data backup process easy for you. With industry expertise, understanding of governmental regulations, and offsite storage solutions, we provide comprehensive data protection plans that protect and preserve your information from the unavoidable. Our services include transporting, storing and retrieving your media and tapes, making the entire data backup process safe and secure.

And, because of our strict chain-of-custody procedures, state-of-the-art vaults, and innovative technology, you’ll be confident your electronic data is protected and preserved for years to come.

Our media backup and tape vaulting services provide you with:
  • Offsite Media and Tape Storage – We securely store your media in underground vaults while delivering offline retrieval options.
  • Innovative Technology – We use bar-code tracking systems to ensure your data is accessible through our online data management software.
  • Automatic Data Backups – Scheduled cloud backups eliminate potential threats of a data breach while ensuring availability of your information.
  • Convenient Scheduling – We work around your schedule. Our vetted couriers will pick up and deliver your media and tapes when you need them.
  • 24/7/365 Response – Trained customer support representatives respond to your servicing needs, 24/7.
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See how we can help protect your records and documents throughout their life-cycle.

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Offsite Media Vaulting

Protect and preserve valuable data

Electronic data is extremely vulnerable and can be easily lost or destroyed if specific security measures are not in place. Lost data can result in various consequences for your business, and may even contribute to business failure. Your business may be faced with bad publicity, loss of sales or significant restoration costs.

Why not alleviate the worry of the unexpected by relying on a trusted partner that specializes in electronic data protection?  With Vital Records Control as your trusted information management partner, you’ll gain peace-of-mind knowing that we will protect your business’ essential assets, keeping all your private electronic data stored by privacy laws.

Our VitalVaulting services include:

  • Scheduled pickups
  • 24/7 Accessibility
  • Media storage in state-of-art vaults

State-of-the-art vaults 

With your data protection as our main priority, we design our storage facilities to exceed regulatory and IRS storage guidelines.

  • Climate-controlled vaults –
    • We have built underground vaults with 30″ concrete walls and eight layers of steel, ensuring climate and humidity control is present year-round.
  • Fire Suppression –
    • Halon dry-fires suppression systems are installed in vaults.
  • Security –
    • Security personnel, video surveillance and intrusion alarms protect facilities 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Also, facilities exceed HIPAA, SOX and FACTA compliance requirements and are one of the only PCI-certified data storage facilities in the country.
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See how we can help protect your records and documents throughout their life-cycle.

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Electronic Data Backup

Gain control over data backup

From environmental disasters, security breaches to hard drive crashes, your business faces various threats that can destroy your electronic data. Fortunately, Vital Records Control can help protect your business and its data when disaster strikes.

Our VaultWeb online electronic management software is designed for organizations needing more than just backup and recovery features in their data protection programs. Our online platform fulfills the need for a comprehensive solution, allowing clients to stay competitive and focus more of their time on strategic issues, such as application availability and network performance.

By using our innovative VaultWeb web-based platform, you’ll be enabled to reduce administrator time, speed data recovery and gain integrity of data backups.

VaultWeb Features Include:

  • Search for records with specialized reporting features
  • Make special requests
  • Automated scheduling of changed data backup
  • Guaranteed daily backup
  • No expensive hardware or software to purchase
  • Service is economical and easy-to-use
  • Intelligent data protection using enterprise-class infrastructure that is redundant and fault tolerant
  • Highly secure using the latest encryption technology
  • 24 / seven support and monitoring to ensure success
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See how we can help protect your records and documents throughout their life-cycle.

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