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When disaster strikes, we protect your information and accelerate recovery time.

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Tape Storage and Vaulting Services

Storing tapes offsite doesn’t mean sacrificing convenience

Your employees need to concentrate on the business at hand. But with large volumes of tapes, media and data to back up and store, you’re using valuable time and space to manage it.

By moving your tapes storage offsite and into the care of a trusted third-party provider, you can relieve the burden of data protection itself and amplify the time towards recovery. We provide scheduled media rotations, on-demand pickups, deliveries, and long-term storage.

And, because of our comprehensive data protection solutions, including document imaging, records storage, and shredding services, you’ll be confident your backup media is protected and preserved for years to come.

Our offsite tape storage and vaulting services provide you with:

  • Offsite media vaults
  • Barcoded inventory management
  • Web access and online ordering capability
  • Temperature and humidity controls for backup media
  • Managed security 24/7/365

Offsite Media Vaults

Protect and preserve valuable data

The improper storage of film, video, and tape backups can cause deterioration from harmful environmental and human handling factors such as sun damage, skin oils, and temperature changes.

With Vital Records Control as your trusted partner, you’ll gain peace-of-mind knowing your business’ vital assets are protected with the utmost care. With your data protection as our main priority, we design our media vaults to exceed regulatory and IRS storage guidelines.

  • Seismic Rated Structure
    • We engineer our vaults with 30″ concrete walls and eight layers of steel to withstand environmental catastrophes.
  • Precision Climate and Humidity Control
    • Our facilities are constructed to keep your sensitive information in mint condition with climate and humidity controls present year-round.
  • Fire Suppression 
    • Each location exceeds industry fire protection standards and is equipped with a halon dry-fire suppression system.
  • Security
    • Security personnel, video surveillance and intrusion alarms protect facilities 24/7/365.
  • Regulatory compliance
    • Facilities exceed HIPAASOX and FACTA compliance requirements and are one of the only PCI-certified data storage facilities in the country.
See how we can help prepare your business for the unexpected.

See how we can help protect your records and documents throughout their life-cycle.

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Offsite Media Vaulting

Offsite Tape Vaulting

Ensure accessibility and compliance

A focus on the preservation and safety of data is the foundation for any business continuity and disaster recovery plan. The ability to recover crucial business data at a moment’s notice can affect an organization’s long term success while protecting private client data from theft is an integral piece of corporate due diligence.

Maintain the value of magnetic tape, backups, X-rays, microfiche, film, and photographs with Vital Records Control’s offsite tape vaulting solutions. Our tape vaulting services include transporting, storing and retrieving your backup tapes and media from a secure, offsite vault.

Your VRC Tape Storage Advantage

When you trust your business archives to Vital Records Control, you can stop worrying about their protection. You’ll gain peace-of-mind your critical records are secure, protected, and accessible at all times.


Our primary concern is the physical protection of your invaluable assets. That’s why we use advanced modern surveillance and secure logistics to protect what matters most to you:

  • Trained and bonded personnel oversee each location’s security.
  • Video cameras are strategically placed throughout our facility to provide a continuous overview of storage areas and their contents, 24 hours a day.
  • Smoke and water detectors alert security of any physical changes.
  • Our climate-controlled areas protect film, microfiche and medical records.

Immediate access, day or night

Storing your records is meaningless unless you can retrieve them when you need them. At Vital Records Control, we make it easy for you to get access to the information you’ve entrusted us to protect.

  • Flexible pickups and deliveries. Our GPS tracked, and security-equipped vehicles pick up your stored media from your facility, deliver them to our secure storage area, and return them when requested.
  • Onsite viewing options at our secure storage facilities allow you to view documents when you need to. 24-hour emergency options available with request.
  • Retrieval options including scan-on-demand services to receive records digitally.

Barcoded Tracking System

Find archived documents quickly and efficiently. Our barcode tracking system is one of the most advanced technologies to help you locate the records you need. Each box containing your media is labeled with a barcode that securely tracks data throughout its lifecycle.

Our inventory control system allows you to:

  • Find and track records remotely and efficiently using our online inventory control portal, VaultWeb
  • Ensure chain-of-custody processes while your information is in transit and at rest
  • Provide real-time monitoring of inventory with an auditable trail of each point-of-contact with time stamps and signature receipts

Online inventory management – VaultWeb

Gain insight into your inventory and where it is at all times by monitoring it through our online portal, VaultWeb.

VaultWeb features include:

  • Specialized reporting features including storage, activity reports, destruction reports
  • Order capabilities including scan-on-demand and destruction services
  • Guaranteed daily backup
  • No expensive hardware or software to purchase
  • Enterprise-class infrastructure that is redundant and fault tolerant
  • Advanced encryption technology
  • 24/7/365 support
Access VaultWeb
Learn more about why you need offsite data protection.


See how we can help protect your records and documents throughout their life-cycle.

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Electronic Data Backup

Data Backup Services

Backup and Recovery Made Simple

From environmental disasters, security breaches, power outages to hard drive crashes, your business faces various threats that can destroy your electronic data. 

Unprecedented data growth and the protection of that data are challenges for companies of all sizes. Coupled with the mounting pressure to comply with regulatory requirements, companies are looking for ways to improve their data backup strategy. As a result, businesses place increasing pressure on their online backup and recovery initiatives.

For years, Vital Records Control has assisted organizations with backing up data by storing backup tapes and other media in our secure state-of-the-art media vaults. But, with the ever-changing demands for a completely virtual backup process, Vital Records Control offers data backup services.

Our data backup and services include:

  • Data sent and stored securely to our climate controlled vaults
  • Real-time access to data
  • Integrated FIPS 140 certified encryption
  • Backup using compression and de-duplication
  • Archival technology within a single code base that aligns the value
    of data with the cost of protecting it
  • Cloud-optimized architecture to securely backup and recover data
    over a private, public cloud connection, or remote location
  • Integrated data discovery, low cost archival, retention, and other
    tools to manage data being backed up
  • Able to store on a per-gigabyte basis per month
  • Able to scale to terabytes and petabytes of data

See how we can help protect your records and documents throughout their life-cycle.

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