Secure Shredding and Destruction

End-to-end solutions for your document shredding & media destruction needs.

Document Shredding and Destruction Solution

Secure destruction of confidential paper-based documents

Whether you’re in the education, healthcare or legal industry, the secure shredding of your confidential information allows you to adhere to regulatory guidelines and mitigate risk. However, internalizing continuous shredding of sensitive materials can be a time-intensive task to undertake and may increase the potential for security breaches.

Fortunately, there is a more secure, cost-effective way to dispose of your sensitive documents, records and electronic media. For 30 years, Vital Records Control has partnered with thousands of organizations to provide secure and environmentally-friendly solutions that meet their on-site and off-site destruction needs. With our strict adherence to NAID-certified processes and state-of-the-art facilities, we will protect your vital information when the end of its life-cycle is reached.

Outsourcing the disposal of confidential documents enables you to:

  • Increase staff productivity with time savings.
  • Remain compliant with federal, state and industry guidelines.
  • Implement a document retention schedule for materials that are no longer necessary to store.
  • Reduce risk by having staff place all paper documents in a security bin for safe disposal.
NAID Certified

NAID Certification


See how you can confidently comply with governmental regulations with the off-site document destruction.

See how we can help protect your records and documents throughout their life-cycle.

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Document Shredding Services

Shred at your convenience

From pickup to destruction, we make the disposal of your documents simple and effective. Our mobile shredding solutions offer rotating bin options, convenient schedules and complaint procedures to ensure your destruction needs are met.

Our secure destruction services include:
  • Secure shred bins – We place locked containers at your premises to capture all paper documents.
  • Routine pick-up schedules –  At scheduled intervals, uniformed technicians arrive at your location to collect your confidential material.
  • Mobile shredding  – For immediate, verified destruction, trained specialists gather and transfer bins to a self-contained mobile shredding unit where documents are quickly destroyed.
  • Offsite destruction – For your ongoing shredding needs, our trained technicians pick-up containers from your location and transport them to highly-secure shredding facilities.
  • Eco-friendly shredding – After documents are shredded, they are recycled safely.
  • Documented chain-of-custody – Vital Records Control’s services are NAID AAA certified, validating your protection. And if needed, we’ll provide you with a Certificate of Destruction for your records.
  • Customer service requests – Have a special project offer? For one-time, periodic or project requests, our client service team is ready to take your inquiries, 24/7.

Secure Shred Containers

Choose from 32, 64 or 96-gallon bins.

See how we help with your end-to-end document destruction needs.

See how we can help protect your records and documents throughout their life-cycle.

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Media Destruction Services

Protect your business’ information and reputation

When your media and electronic records have reached the end of their lifespan, you’ll need assurance the information on them is physically destroyed beyond recognition.  Additionally, it is necessary to dispose of these confidential materials in an environmentally-friendly way to avoid regulatory penalties and fines.

By utilizing Vital Records Control’s electronic records destruction solutions, you’ll gain confidence knowing you’re receiving the same chain-of-custody procedures as we provide with our paper destruction services.

Our media destruction services offer:
  • Complete disposal of tapes, disks, microfilm, hard drives, X-Rays and other electronic records
  • Scheduled pick-ups by vetted specialists
  • Accountable chain-of-custody processes
  • Eco-friendly recycling of destroyed material
Learn more about how we can help secure your data privacy.

See how we can help protect your records and documents throughout their life-cycle.

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