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Digital Mailroom Services

Automatically collect, digitize, and distribute physical mail that enters your office.


Mail Scanning Service to Support a Virtual Work Environment

As remote workforces and technologies become more prevalent, receiving and delivering important documents in the mail can be a growing challenge for some companies because there’s simply no one at the office to retrieve them. To solve this problem, VitalScan's digital mailroom service provides a virtual mail room in just a few clicks.

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Convert Physical Mail to Digital

Leverage our scanning experts, processes and resources to convert your inbound physical mail to digital through our extensive network of imaging centers with an auditable chain of custody.

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Easier Collaboration

Employee collaboration is more manageable with automated workflows built around key company data. Access controls enable you to control who can view and share stored digital documents.

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Digital Mailroom Automation

Access your digitized documents anywhere, anytime from our cloud-based repository.

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Secure Storage or Disposal

After your mail is scanned, we can store, shred or send the physical copies of your documents directly to you.

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Our digital mailroom solutions help you organize:

Combined Shape Business contracts

Combined Shape Important communications

Combined Shape Invoices and checks

Combined Shape Shipments and deliveries for distributed employees

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ECM Digital Mailroom

Virtual PO Box

Simply put, mailroom outsourcing is designed to make your operations run more efficiently.

  • Document email sharing
    • Easily share files to anyone who needs to see them.
  • Comprehensive search functionality
    • Through indexing and optical character recognition (OCR) technology, mail is searchable by department, colleagues, and categories.

Flexible Pricing

Our digital mailroom service can be customized to suit your business’ security and data needs.

Combined Shape Pay-as-you-go subscription model

Combined Shape No upfront infrastructure or ongoing IT maintenance costs

Combined Shape Access and move data as needed with unlimited storage

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Strict Security Regulations

Outsourcing your mailroom management obviously requires a great deal of trust, so rest assured that your documents are in safe hands.

  • PCI regulated software
    • Our cloud-based document management software adheres to crucial security regulations.
  • Firewall protection
    • Your files are encrypted while at rest and in transit.

How It Works

The Digital Mailroom, Step-by-Step

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1. Redirect mail to PO Box for pickup

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2. We receive and open mail at our secure facility

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3. Our document imaging specialists scan & index mail

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4. Scanned documents are uploaded into our online repository for you to access & distribute

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5. Hard copies are returned to you, stored in our offsite facilities, or securely shredded

Frequently Asked Questions

Still looking to learn more about how our digital mailroom service works? Check out some answers to these common questions.

Not only is handling mail a drain on staff resources, but falling behind with it can cause repercussions: poor customer service, noncompliance issues, and late payment fees. Our digital mail services reduce costs associated with sorting, managing, and distributing large volumes of inbound physical mail.

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