Health Information Management

Vital Chart, Health Information Management.

For more than 30 years, we’ve developed custom health information management solutions for medical records departments across the country that help our clients reduce costs and concentrate on patient care.

We’ve adapted successful policies and procedures specifically for health information management, including a secure infrastructure and the ability to conform to ongoing legislation.

Our services are designed for HIPAA compliance and operate according to all federal and state regulations to limit physicians’ liabilities and mitigate the risk of litigation.

Release of Information

We’ve developed a suite of services to accommodate our clients’ specific needs while maintaining the integrity of their patients protected health information (PHI).

Custodial Solutions

We’ve developed a step by step records management process to support medical practices and their patients when a physician leaves the practice.

Patient Form Completion

Every day, medical facilities receive an onslaught of patient forms that need to be completed by physicians and staff. Our qualified Patient Form Specialists and automated processes can save your practice time and ensure patient satisfaction.

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Release of Information

Let Vital Records Control ease the stress of meeting ROI requirements.

Handling medical records processing (or Release of Information) at your practice can be daunting. Release of Information takes up valuable staff time, and it can be difficult to keep up with constantly changing regulations.

We can help. Our medical records specialists process more than one million pages of medical records each month for thousands of medical providers across the country. Our ROI services are HIPAA compliant, and we have a HITRUST certification that demonstrates our commitment to protecting your patients’ healthcare data.

When you work with VRC, you’ll be assigned a trained medical records specialist who understands the intricacies of ROI requirements and systems. They’ll work with you throughout the ROI process to make sure your needs are met.

All of our medical records specialists are:

  • Vetted and subjected to background checks
  • Certified HIPAA Security Professionals (CHSP)
  • Required to attend a minimum of two continuing education workshops each year to expand their skills and stay up to date on changing regulations.

How It Works

We apply stringent security measures every step of the ROI process. Here’s how it works:

  1. Patient medical record requests are delivered to our secure, confidential platform.
  2. Requests are entered into our system for actual turnaround times and status updates.
  3. Requests are accessed by digital dashboard at one of our ROI processing centers.
  4. Authorizations are validated for HIPAA compliance.
  5. Our certified HIPAA security professionals process the records.
  6. Records are checked for accuracy by our quality control team.
  7. Requestors are notified and required to answer security questions before downloading records.



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Custodial Records Solutions

Let VRC compliment your patient care with VitalChart, our end-to-end custodial records solution.

If you’re a physician planning to retire, depart, or your clinic or hospital is closing, it can cause a major flux in your medical practice. These transitions are stressful, especially with patients needing quick and secure access to their medical records. 

VitalChart is our cost-efficient custodial solution that helps you ensure quick, secure responses for your patients while fulfilling records storage and retention requirements. 

VitalChart offers all the benefits of a compliant, cost-effective program to help your hospital or medical practice: 

  • Provides all needed information
  • Digitizes medical records
  • Stores documents in a secure environment
  • Enables rapid response to patient needs
  • Handles calls and notifications related to ROI
  • Alleviates financial and emotional stress
  • Is recognized by local medical societies

Continuing Care

With VitalChart, Patients can securely request and receive their records online, giving your practice more time to focus on providing excellent care.

Patient Notifications

VitalChart’s ROI portal and text message alerts will keep your patients informed of their medical record and disability form requests. And, our trained customer service team is always available to guide patients through the release of information process.

Industry Expertise

For more than 30 years, Vital Records Control has been recognized by local medical societies and trusted to protect and manage critical records generated by medical practices across the country.


Questions regarding medical record requests? please contact:

(972) 399-0914

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Patient Form Completion

Process patient forms more efficiently online with VitalChart.

Managing patient forms (like FMLA, short/long term disability and more) can be difficult for busy practices. Requests have to be answered quickly, and handling a backlog of requests can limit your staff’s productivity.

Our automated patient form completion process allows us to receive and process patient forms through our proprietary software in as little as 48 hours. With VitalChart, patients can order forms to be completed online and receive automated text updates about their forms, therefore saving your practice time and eliminating distractions.

HIPAA Compliant Processing Software

We’re proud of our partnership with ABT Medical’s software, ROI+. We’ve spent years vetting this software and making sure its features are easy to use and serve your processing needs. Features include:

  • Customizable, detailed reporting
  • Fulfills requests within 24-48 hours
  • Complies with Meaningful Use objectives
  • Online customer dashboard
  • Secure PHI delivery
  • Text notifications for patients
  • 24/7 technical support
  • SSAE 18 certification

Our software’s security features include safeguarding data through NIST encryption technologies and HITRUST Certified and HIPAA compliant data centers that provide network failover redundancy.


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Additional Services

Document Scanning

Easily locate and share information when you need it.

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Records and Document Storage

Store, track and access your records with a complete chain-of-custody.

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Media Vaulting

Store confidential electronic records in secure, climate-controlled vaults.

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Secure Destruction

Destroy confidential information in a compliant, cost-effective way.

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