Health Information Management

Confront healthcare complexities with confidence

Healthcare Information Management

Simplify and Streamline HIM Needs

The Electronic Medical Records (EMR) evolution in healthcare has arrived along with an entire new set of records management challenges for hospitals, physicians and clinics. New federal guidelines now tie both hospital reimbursement and HIPAA compliance to EMR implementation with significant fines for non-compliance. Many hospitals still operate out of multiple repositories, making accurate retrieval of Personal Health Information (PHI) difficult.

Fortunately, we are here to help. Our VitalChart solutions provide a full suite of Health Information Management (HIM) services that deliver the industry expertise, people and innovative technology to not only simplify and streamline your PHI needs, but augment all your HIM workflow requirements.

What you gain:
  • Increased revenue with reduced overhead fees
  • Advanced control over Release of Information requests
  • Compliance with HIPAA regulations and IG (Information Governance) policies
  • Prevention of unnecessary lawsuits and data breaches
  • Increased patient and physician satisfaction

Holistic Solutions for Every HIM Challenge

Our primary focus is to provide you with peace-of-mind knowing that highly-trained experts are handling your PHI confidentiality needs and medical records management. With solutions including release of information, MPI data integrity to coding support, we implement a holistic plan that overcomes all your HIM hurdles and sets you up for a healthy success.

Our healthcare information management services include:
  • Master Patient Index (MPI) data integrity
  • Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) auditing
  • Release of Information (ROI) request fulfillment
  • Compliant records retention programs
  • Quality assurance (QA) and data mining
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Release of Information (ROI)

ROI Solutions

Accelerate Processes and Increase Revenue

In order to keep up with the demanding healthcare environment, you’ve chosen to outsource ROI processes. However, you’ve found that most ROI outsourcing companies lack the sophisticated software and automated workflow processes to share any profit with providers.

With Vital Records Control, you can receive a comprehensive ROI solution that not only streamlines tedious administrative tasks, but one that helps generate revenue for your business.

Online ROI Management

Our online ROI management platform affords you control over the arduous processing, delivery, and record retention requirements to meet and exceed HIPAA regulations. With expedited delivery, advanced reporting and billing capabilities, our innovative ROI management platform is designed to help your practice operate more efficiently and profitably.

Key features of online ROI management:
  • Detailed tracking for PHI releases including date, time and accessed files
  • Provides QA (quality assurance), packaging, delivery and comprehensive audit reporting
  • A/R functions including automated invoice generation and tracking of paid/unpaid invoices
  • Same-day request fulfillment satisfaction

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Transition 

With Vital Records Control’s medical record scanning services, hospitals and clinics of all sizes can transform existing medical records into high-quality electronic formats. Our digital scanning and imaging solutions adhere to strict quality control standards and offer both electronic and physical delivery of images. Whether your medical records are EMR-ready or paper-based, our custom scanning solutions transition your office into a more digital, productive workplace.

Our digital scanning services include:
  • Back Log Scanning – Our data centers scan large document archives and transition them into valuable digital formats while integrating them with your existing electronic medical records.
  • Day Forward Scanning – Our team works with you to address your incoming paper stream and formulates a digital solution that administers regulatory compliance and efficiency throughout your medical practice.
  • HIPAA Compliant Cloud Hosting – Concentrate on operating and growing your business by letting us host your images. With our online image hosting solutions, you can achieve automation and regulatory compliance in an accountable way.
Medical records we scan:
  • Microfiche
  • Microfilm
  • X-ray/Radiography
  • Ultrasounds
  • Mammograms

Onsite Staffing Support

In order to provide you with the most comprehensive records management solutions, we offer onsite and remote staffing support to manage all your document scanning, records storage, media vaulting and destruction needs.

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Data Integrity

Data Integrity

Manage Consistent and Accurate Healthcare Information

Your staff should be focused on caring for patients. But instead, they spend their time correcting redundancies and administrative errors within your system. Not only does this reduce your business’ productivity, but it’s amounting to substantial overhead fees.

Fortunately, Vital Records Control can provide a simplistic solution to manage your healthcare information. Our intuitive tracking systems and retrieval methods allow you to effectively manage a variety of medical records with accuracy and consistency. Your business can minimize the risks and costs associated with records management and comply to changing healthcare regulations with confidence.

What can data integrity do for your business?
  • Eliminate duplication of medical records
  • Reduce overhead costs and financial losses associated with Master Patient Index (MPI) cleanup
  • Mitigate threat of lawsuits and data breaches
  • Compliant exchange of Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) to meet HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and HITECH  (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health) Act guidelines
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Coding Support

Coding Support

Automate coding workflow

The point of a file coding system is to organize records into categories, which makes it easier to retrieve them. However, with so many files to index and categorize, the coding process can be overwhelming. You need a more organized, efficient strategy to set your office up for success.

With Vital Records Control as your information management partner, you can implement a structured file classification system that better contributes to the overall goals of your medical clinic or business. Our innovative ChartFlow coding software scans and uploads charts from your facility, allowing you to route charts to coders remotely. Your organization will be enabled to augment workflow while gaining instant retrieval of your most confidential records.

ChartFlow Coding Software Features:

  • Scan and upload charts from your hospital, clinic or business
  • Securely route charts to remote coders
  • Web accessibility to manage, index and categorize your records
  • Monitoring of coder productivity
  • HIPPA and HITECH compliant web interface
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Document Imaging and Scaning

Easily and quickly retrieve the records you need.

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Records Storage

Comply with records retention laws with safe storage solutions.

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Media Backup and Electronic Vaulting

Store confidential electronic records in secure, climate-controlled vaults.

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Secure Shredding and Destruction

Securely shred confidential patient information you don't need.

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