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Health Information Management

VitalChart Medical Record Retrieval Software

Receive and process medical forms and enable patients to submit their information quickly and securely.


Release of Information Sofware for an Improved Patient Experience

Obtaining medical record requests can be time-consuming, but our VitalChart platform is designed to automate and speed up the process, saving you valuable time and effort.


Our streamlined medical record retrieval software and platform ensure the confidentiality and accuracy of sensitive medical data. It also provides a user-friendly interface that simplifies the release of information process for both healthcare providers and patients.


Patients can use the VitalChart Request Portal to submit requests and receive status updates, eliminating the need for physical forms and phone inquiries. Meanwhile, healthcare providers can monitor requests using the live dashboard, ensuring efficient and secure retrievals of medical records.

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Enhanced Patient Experience

Our user-friendly portal allows patients to effortlessly request and retrieve their medical records.

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Online Customer Dashboard

Keep track of incoming medical record requests and stay updated on their status using real-time dashboards.

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Streamlined Medical Records Management

Securely manage medical forms, while empowering patients to swiftly submit their information.

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Security and Compliance

Our system includes quality assurance checks for HIPAA compliance and accurate medical record release.

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Streamline Your Medical Record Retrieval Workflow Process

Automate the process of release of information (ROI) from beginning to end by leveraging the digital ROI tools that your employees require and delivering the online experience that your patients desire.

Self-Service Enterprise Dashboards and Reports

  • Efficiently manage settings and track performance across multiple locations using our reports, which display key metrics such as requests fulfilled and turnaround time. Access release metrics and data for faster billing and reimbursement. 

User Access Permissions

  • Access permissions make user management more secure, improving productivity and reducing security threats. Track performance with a detailed accounting of disclosures.

Multi-Facility Support

  • Handle high-volume requests with ease. Authorized employees can access multiple locations within your organization without the need to log in and manage multiple sets of user credentials constantly. 

APIs and EMR Software Integrations

  • Facilitate data exchange and interoperability. Integrate with various third-party applications, such as billing and coding software, leading to improved efficiency and productivity.

Automatic Request Routing

  • Automatically route requests within your organization by type, facility, requester, or patient to improve efficiency and accuracy. Our ROI system speeds up medical record requests and tracks every interaction.

Reminder Notifications

  • Set up notifications for specific requests to your facility. Choose the types of requests that will trigger alerts and customize the frequency of notifications. React to issues proactively and promptly.

Mobile Experience

  • Eliminate phone calls and in-person visits. Patients can easily submit and track medical record requests through the VitalChart patient portal on any device, with status notifications, keeping them updated.
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Simplify Your Medical Records Exchange Process With Our Release of Information Software

  • Secure Health Information Exchange
    • Achieve cost reduction, expedite reimbursement, and enhance operational efficiency using our user-friendly platform.
  • Efficient Release of Information
    • Automate manual processes by converting them into efficient workflows. Our ROI system speeds up medical record requests and tracks every interaction.
  • Real-time Dashboard and Reporting
    • Access release metrics and data for faster billing and reimbursement. Gain visibility into request demand and performance to address needs proactively.

The Self-Service Patient Request Portal

Give patients the ability to manage the process of retrieving their medical records. Our ROI technology allows requesters to submit, track, pay for, and access medical records at their convenience.

Patient Convenience

  • Online interactivity
  • ID verification
  • Mobile status updates
  • Convenient payment processing

Support for Various Request Types

  • Multi-requester capabilities for patients, physicians, insurance companies, law firms, and government agencies
  • Claims reimbursements
  • Denials and discharge appeals

Secure Documentation

  • Real-time tracking
  • Quality checks and assurance
  • Secure encryption

Secure Electronic Delivery

  • Patient e-Delivery
  • DDS
  • Attorney e-Delivery
  • ERE
  • Health plans


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How It Works

How It Works

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1. Using VitalChart, patients submit their requests for medical records.

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2. Authorizations to release are validated for HIPAA compliance.

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3. Requests are processed by our certified HIPAA security professionals.

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4. Requesters can track the status of requests through portal.

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5. Requestors receive a notification when their records are ready.

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6. Patients log in to portal to pay for & retrieve records.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Currently, release of information modules in EHRs are more of an afterthought than designed to handle all aspects of releasing medical records efficiently, including answering phone calls and invoicing/collections if applicable. When you compare and contrast the operational needs of your medical department versus your EHR’s capabilities, you may find that the two are not aligned.
  • Our online release of information software provides an all-in-one approach for providers to intake and fulfill requests while keeping patients informed of the status of their request.

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