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Health Information Management

VitalChart Patient Request Portal

Receive and process medical forms and enable patients to submit their information quickly and securely.


Medical Record Retrieval Sofware for an Improved Patient Experience

Simplify medical record requests to improve the patient experience by giving requestors an easier way to retrieve their medical records. Our release of information software, VitalChart Patient Request, streamlines the way patients retrieve their medical records.

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Customizable Reporting Tools

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Online Customer Dashboard

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Streamlined Request Fulfillment

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Security and Privacy

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Streamlined Requester Experience

  • Online interactivity
  • Reduce health risks

The Self-Service Patient Request Portal

Combined Shape Providers set their own fees

Combined Shape Customized electronic workflows

Combined Shape Eliminates unnecessary paper and postage

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Integrated Release of Information Workflow

  • End-to-end ROI processes
  • ID verification

How It Works

How It Works

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1. Using VitalChart, patients submit their requests for medical records.

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2. Authorizations to release are validated for HIPAA compliance.

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3. Requests are processed by our certified HIPAA security professionals.

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4. Requesters can track the status of requests through portal.

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5. Requestors receive a notification when their records are ready.

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6. Patients log in to portal to pay for & retrieve records.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Currently, release of information modules in EHRs are more of an afterthought than designed to handle all aspects of releasing medical records efficiently, including answering phone calls and invoicing/collections if applicable. When you compare and contrast the operational needs of your medical department versus your EHR’s capabilities, you may find that the two are not aligned.
  • Our online release of information software provides an all-in-one approach for providers to intake and fulfill requests while keeping patients informed of the status of their request.

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