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Health Information Management

Cut down on the time and cost of handling medical records to concentrate on patient care.


Streamline Your Healthcare Information Management

We’re no strangers to handling patient or client medical information. For over 30 years, we’ve helped records departments across the country with medical records management solutions that streamline operations to better focus on patient care.

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Secure Medical Record Processing

All records that VRC manages are kept in secure facilities throughout their lifecycle.

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Save on Operational Costs

Instead of bogging down your staff with HIM tasks, VRC can take care of your management workload so you can focus on healthcare, not paperwork.

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Maintain HIPAA Compliance

We regularly update our service to the latest HIPAA regulations to protect your patients’ healthcare data.

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VitalChart Patient Portal

Enable your patients to complete forms online. Not only does it make patient processing easier, it comes with a host of other features that save you time and improve your service.

Explore Our Health Information Management Services

Explore Our Health Information Management Services

Your Healthcare Data Management Questions, Answered.

If it’s still unclear how our HIM services will aid your institution’s operations, check out our answers to some of the frequently asked questions we get at VRC.

Health information management is analyzing and protecting digital and traditional patient health information (PHI) vital to providing quality patient care.

Get Started with our Health Information Management Solutions

We’re happy to answer any questions about how we can protect your records and documents throughout their lifecycle.