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Document Scanning Services

Document scanning services near me, a key component of your business strategy, transform your documents into a format that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

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Document Scanning Services Near Me and Digitization Services

VRC VitalScan document scanning services provide document imaging to help businesses of all sizes digitize their paper documents and secure confidential data. We are a leading document scanning company that offers fast, reliable, and cost-effective document conversion services for various industries, including medical, legal, retail, manufacturing, insurance, and more.


Our bulk scanning services can help you boost productivity and precision in managing your files while providing convenient access to your documents through our document management software. Whether you need to scan one page or a million pages, our document imaging specialists can help you make the transition fast and easy.


Achieve your digital transformation goals with our competitive document scanning pricing and reliable customer service. Digitizing your paper documents can help you save time, cut costs, and positively impact the environment.

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Streamline Operational Productivity

By outsourcing document imaging services, you can focus on running your business. This enables you to access your documents easily and improve operational efficiency.

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Expert File Digitization

Our team of specialists ensures your records scan beautifully. They’ll protect the scan down to the minute details, ensuring any bindings are removed, tears are repaired, and corners are straightened.

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Quality Controls

Before and after scanning, documents undergo a thorough review to ensure optimal outcomes. Following the scanning and digitization process, each document is meticulously examined for legibility, accurate color rendering, and correct orientation.

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Flexible File Formats

Your digital files are saved in the format of your choice (PDFs, JPGs, TIFFs, and more). For easy access, we’ll migrate your files to the document management software of your choice for easy access.

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Record Scanning Services

Combined Shape Accounts payable documents

Combined Shape Bills of lading

Combined Shape HR documents and employee records

Combined Shape Government records and ledgers

Combined Shape Blueprints and other large-format documents

Combined Shape Photos, art, slides, film, and negative scanning

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High-volume Scanning Services

Our experts can handle a wide range of scanning and imaging needs to accommodate your business.

Large format scanning

  • High-quality digital Images
    • Files are scanned and rendered to preserve every detail of the physical source.
  • Versatile applications
    • On top of your standard 8.5”x11” paper, we specialize in scanning large documents and a variety of files, including blueprints, maps, X-rays, microfilm, photos, and legal documents.

Digital transformation

  • Support digital transformation initiatives
    • We'll help you prioritize and achieve your transformation goals by converting large amounts of paper documents into searchable digital files.
  • Centralize information
    • Digitizing your documents allows you to consolidate available files across all your locations and departments.

Backfile conversions

  • Manageable batches
    • Incrementally convert your backlog of records over time without disrupting your operations.
  • Work within your budget
    • Take a more cost-effective approach toward your scanning needs by splitting the workload over a series of smaller projects.

Medical Records Scanning

We take special care to maintain the exacting standards that medical records management requires:

  • Secure file conversion
  • State and federal HIPAA compliance
  • Direct import to your EMR system
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Unlock Your Data's Power with Document Conversion Services

VRC has several tools to assist our experts and to provide you with secure scanning services.

Day forward scanning

  • Automatic processing
    • As paper enters your workspace, we can reroute it to our digital center to be immediately scanned and indexed.
  • Instant access
    • Grant your staff access to your electronic records from the moment they’re processed.

File organization

  • Hand-keyed indexing
    • We’ll categorize your scanned files and manually index their contents.
  • OCR Assistance
    • We use optical character recognition technology that enables you to search for text captured in digital image files.

Additional digital services

What Our Clients Say

By using VRC as your document scanning company, organizations like yours can save time and improve productivity.


To the entire scanning team, we've had great feedback already from researchers and historians! We're grateful for your work!

Grand Rapids Public Museum


We were a little uneasy watching all our collected information – the literal backbone of our business – leaving the premises at first. After scanning, they input all the data into our new system and returned the boxes the following weekend. The whole process was seamless. Now I've got a system where I can click on a customer's name, and all their information is at my fingertips.

Carol T. Jordan, President

Trans Carolina Permits, Inc.

How It Works

Document Imaging, Step-by-step:

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1. We prepare documents for scanning.

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2. Documents are scanned.

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3. Documents are categorized and indexed.

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4. Digital files are saved to PDFs, JPGs, TIFFs, or your desired format.

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5. Digital files are migrated to the document management system (DMS) of choice.

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6. Hard copies are returned to you, stored in our off-site storage facilities, or securely shredded.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still looking to learn more about how document scanning and imaging services work? Check out some answers to these common questions.

Document scanning pricing is not a set cost, as there are several factors that affect its price. To receive the most accurate estimate, be sure to share:

  • Type of documents you want to be scanned
  • Number of pages to be imaged
  • If the removal of staples or other materials is required
  • Whether you need indexing
  • Your project deadline
  • If integration with an existing document management system is required

Interested in VRC or the services we provide?

Don’t hesitate to reach out so we can learn more about your business.