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Offsite Storage

Offsite Tape Storage

Preserve your critical business data and protect private information from theft by storing it in our offsite media vaults.


Preserve Critical Business Data with Offsite Tape Storage

At VRC, we understand the critical importance of securely maintaining and managing your business's data both offsite and online. As the amount of data produced every day grows, it's crucial to have a dependable and effective offsite tape vaulting solution.


Our offsite tape storage service guarantees the protection and availability of your media and tapes, shielding them from loss, damage, or unauthorized access. It's a safe and cost-effective way to store critical data and backup tapes.


We have the expertise, technology, secure storage facilities, and chain of custody protocols to protect your most valuable electronic assets. This allows you to save time and have confidence in the protection and accessibility of your important business data when you need it the most.

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Seismic Rated Structures

Our vaults are built with 30” concrete walls and eight layers of steel to withstand natural disasters.

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Climate Controlled Vaults

Our offsite media vaults have year-round climate and humidity controls to keep your records in mint condition.

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Fire Suppression

Our offsite storage facilities exceed industry fire protection standards and are equipped with a halon dry-fire suppression system.

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Regulatory Compliance

Our facilities meet HIPPA, SOX, and FACTA compliance requirements. VRC is one of the only PCI-certified data storage companies in the country.

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Enhanced Security Measures

 Regulated access

  • Certified staff undergo specialized training to protect your offsite data
  • 24/7 monitoring with restricted access for the highest level of security
  • Cloud storage through our enterprise content management system with high levels of encryption and access controls

Barcode tracking

  • Request or check the status of your digital files at any time
  • RFID technology helps keep track of your information's whereabouts at all times
  • Auditable document trails to meet compliance and data protection requirements
  • Point of contact tracking with time stamps and signature receipts

Digital data management

  • Specialized reporting for retention planning
  • Data storage, activity, and destruction reports provide feedback to improve operations and mitigate risk
  • Remote requests and retrievals to ensure quick data recovery and reduce downtime
  • Order document scanning and storage solutions online, from any location


Online Backup Capabilities

Combined Shape Real-time data access

Combined Shape Encrypted server connections

Combined Shape Secure recovery for peace of mind

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OS Tape Vaulting Storage

Unhindered Accessibility

Convenient scheduling

  • Tape storage and rotations
    • Request pick up and drop offs of your tapes between your facility and our storage centers
  • GPS vehicle tracking
    • Secure, GPS-tracked vehicles transport your data to ensure its safe arrival

Unlimited access

  • Onsite viewing
    • View documents at our storage facilities when you need to, including 24-hour emergency requests
  • Digital retrieval

Service when you need it

  • Centralized platform
  • 24/7 Customer service
    • Friendly client support services to answer questions about our platform or services

Electronic Records Management

Monitor and manage your electronic records at all times with our online inventory control portal, VitalWeb.

Combined Shape Specialized reporting, including storage, activity and destruction reports

Combined Shape Guaranteed daily backup

Combined Shape Ordering capabilities for scanning and destruction services

Combined Shape Enterprise-level infrastructure

Combined Shape Advanced encryption technology

Combined Shape 24/7/365 customer support

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How It Works

Tape Vaulting Storage, Step-by-Step

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1. You pack your media, tapes, & electronic records in our barcode-labeled containers.

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2. Media is picked up, barcode scanned, & transported to our secure media vaults.

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3. Electronic record inventory is fed into our customer portal, VitalWeb.

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4. Use VitalWeb to track & manage inventory: schedule pickups, deliveries, or services.

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5. Records can be delivered back to you physically, scanned digitally, or securely shredded.

Frequently Asked Questions

From medical facilities, hospitals, laboratories, government agencies to enterprises in the financial or legal industries, many organizations rely on LTO, DLT-S and other magnetic tapes to regularly back up their important IT assets. To protect and preserve your critical data, an extra layer of protection and special environmental controls are required.

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