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Enterprise Content Management

Document Management Software

From comprehensive documentation to workflow automation, employ a document management system to meet your electronic file management needs.


Streamline Processes with Document Management Software

VRC digital solutions offer cloud-based document management software for managing business records efficiently and compliantly. Our platform empowers your teams to store, access, and manage documents easily, eliminating the need for physical filing cabinets.


Our digital document management system provides a centralized content management hub for all your business documents. Use it with our cloud-based document storage solution for quick, secure, and compliant access to all digital files.


Whether you're beginning with thousands of physical paper documents, various digital formats, or a blend of both, our AI-backed and cloud-based document management platform provides an all-in-one solution for all your requirements.

Optimize Workflows

Reduce manual tasks and focus on more important work with our streamlined document management solutions.

Automate Processes

Save time and effort by automating document management processes from data capture to archiving.

Compliance Made Easy

Ensure regulatory compliance with a metadata-driven document management system.

Collaborate with Ease

Keep your team, clients, and partners in sync by creating a shared workspace for documents and projects.

Digital Document Management Software
Automated document management

Business Process Automation

Utilize innovative document management systems that assist with business process automation and comprehensive documentation. Our data management solutions allow you to:

  • Scan and index paper records with our document scanning services
  • Tag and organize your records
  • Store digital files using our document storage solutions
  • Catalog, search, and locate stored documents in various file formats
  • Monitor and track access and version controls
  • Eliminate the risk of manual errors with automatic data extraction
  • Accelerate approvals by building them into your automated processes
  • Workflow automation tools to streamline processes

Our document management file systems make it easy for teams, business units, and locations to manage and share important documents. Team members can do this remotely from any location. These tools employ AI-powered document tagging and metadata applications to increase efficiency and organization.

Document Management Software for Accountants

Looking to save time and increase efficiency in accounting document management? Our enterprise content management solutions automate invoice processing to help save time, money, and resources for businesses of all sizes. With automated document review and approval processes, accounting and finance teams can ensure the timely completion of deliverables by routing work to the right reviewers and approvers.


Our secure and auditable platform streamlines document control and content sharing in real time—ensuring that stakeholders always have access to the latest version of critical documents. Plus, our advanced search capabilities make it easy to find what you need, when you need it.


Our cloud-based system simplifies team collaboration and reduces the burden on internal IT resources. We offer solutions for healthcare information management, legal document management, insurance, manufacturing, and more, helping you achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency.


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Accounts payable document management
Accounts Receivable Document Management

Accounts Receivable Document Management Solutions

VRC's solution for document management is designed to enhance accounts receivable processes for companies of every dimension. With electronic records management, you can process invoices faster and more accurately than any paper system. This means you can get paid faster and reduce the risk of errors caused by manual data entry. Our platform offers on-demand access to your accounts receivable data, allowing you to track payment status, view customer information, and generate reports in real time.


Unlock numerous improvements in accounts receivable processes by automating tasks like invoice creation, data entry, and payment processing. Streamlining your entire AR process means you can reduce the time it takes to process invoices, improve accuracy, and ultimately increase your cash flow.


Our cloud-based software also offers a range of features that can help you manage your accounts receivable more effectively. You can set up automated reminders for customers who haven’t paid on time or create custom payment plans that suit your business needs. With our comprehensive solution for efficient AR management, you can generate reports that provide insights into your AR performance and identify areas for improvement.


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HR Document Management

HR Document Management Software for Employee Records

Envision a workspace without traditional HR document management, such as paper and file cabinets. This would remove the need to search multiple digital storage locations for employee documents. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of locating lost files and data dispersed across different places.


By implementing employee document management software, your team can significantly reduce the time and effort needed for collecting documents for both internal and external audits. Take advantage of cloud-based software to optimize your team's productivity.


Our content services provide quick, protected, and compliant accessibility to employee records in the cloud. Additionally, our solutions integrate with your HRIS or HCM. Our software streamlines employee record handling, enabling you to access HR and employee documents from any location with a single tap.


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How It Works

The Document Management Process

1. Our experts scan and perform indexing to automatically capture keywords for your physical documents.

2. Digitized copies are ingested and can be auto-routed to intended recipients.

3. Our quality controls guarantee that standards are met.

4. Transmission occurs across a secure network to ensure data protection.

7. Take control of your information lifecycle by securely storing or shredding documents with VRC.

5. Workflows are automated for improved collaboration and productivity.

8. Classify, share, and extract data using our document management system.

6. Your data is stored securely with our document hosting services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still looking to learn more about how our business document management solutions work? Check out some answers to these common questions.

By utilizing a centralized records management system that syncs sales, operations, accounting, human resources, logistics, and other departmental processes, operational disruptions can be minimized by providing access to critical documents from anywhere on any device.


With cloud document management, various forms of content can be synchronized within a comprehensive document repository across different locations and departments. This enables teams to access real-time insights and actively collaborate and execute tasks.

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