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Offsite Storage

VitalWeb Records Management Software

Completely manage your information online in one easy-to-use records management system.


Records Management Software for End-to-End Electronic Records Insight

VitalWeb, our web-based records management software, provides online access to your physical and electronic records inventory. You’ll have full control over the lifecycle of your stored documents and records, all through our easy-to-use portal.

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Real-Time Dashboards

Access up-to-date information for all your records when you log into VitalWeb. Instead of sifting through stacks of papers, your data and reports are readily searchable on our platform.

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Online Service Orders

Request important storage tasks entirely from our software. With VitalWeb, you can order boxes, deliveries, scan-on-demand, and secure shredding services without leaving your office.

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24/7 File Access

Our service is available at any given hour, and from any location. You’ll be able to securely log in from multiple devices.

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Automate Your Workflow

The VitalWeb records management software automates tedious tasks, freeing up time to focus on core business and improve productivity.

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OS VitalWeb Records Management Software

Improve Record Management Processes

VRC makes it easier to file, find, review, and audit your stored records.

Manage Retention Schedules

Combined Shape Manage documents through their creation, storage, and eventual destruction.

Combined Shape Automatically generate inventory audits and activity logs for actions taken on records

Combined Shape Run destruction reports to identify records that have reached their retention period.

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Tracking Data and Compliance

Integrating VitalWeb with your business also means that you’ll have access to a number of features to help improve upon your operations.

Interested in VRC or the services we provide?

Don’t hesitate to reach out so we can learn more about your business.