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K-12 Records Management

A complete school records management solution for K-12 districts and school boards to manage student records, including grades, attendance, and more.

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Dedicated client support

Work directly with a passionate K-12 expert that will help you navigate the student records management process and keep you on track.

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No equipment or software required

We manage the technology, so you don’t have to make an additional investment.

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Multiple options to meet your budget

Upgrading your school or district's record's management strategy doesn't have to be pricey, in fact, it can help you reduce costs.

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The right fit for schools

We understand the unique needs of K-12 school districts. Whether you're a district, charter, or private school, we'll work with you to find the solution that fits your specific needs.

Stack Student Records Classroom

K-12 Digital Document Management

Break the endless cycle of keeping special education, HR, payroll, A/P, and student records in filing cabinets and boxes for access requests. Digitally archive and store paper, microfilm, and electronic records in one place for instant access at your fingertips.


Our VitalScan digital solution provides everything you expect of a school filing department, except the paperwork. Going digital with VitalScan enables your school district to:


  • Improve student and staff services
  • Save valuable office space and time
  • Control access to private student information
  • Share transcripts and graduation certificates with ease
  • Encrypt and back up data with remote access

Student Records Scanning and Digital Storage

Streamline and digitize your school's records management practice, and make it easier to share documents with teachers and other authorized personnel.

  • Minimize busy work by automating data entry, indexing, and retrieval processes for your office.
  • Maintain a record of all student incident reports and assign follow-up actions for accountability purposes.
  • Track and log activity to demonstrate compliance with regulations.
Digitize Student Records

VitalScan: Document Management Solutions for K-12 Schools


  • Student Records Management:  Organize grades, learning plans, disciplinary records, and more are centralized and safeguarded with digital document management.
  • Public Records Requests:  Eliminate the processing of records like transcripts and quickly distribute them to students, teachers, and administrators.
  • Student Registration:  Automate student information processing to streamline annual registration.

  • Accounting and Purchasing:  Enable accounts payable automation and automate accounts receivable workflow at every step from purchasing orders to vendor payments and invoicing.
  • Employee Onboarding:  Simplify employee onboarding with online forms and workflows that can incorporate reporting, data collection, and trend analysis.
  • Human Resources:  Eliminate tedious tasks for your HR team. Recruitment, filing, and document processing can be streamlined with intelligent automation tools for HR document management.
  • Incident Reports:   Keep an organized record of all incidents and assign follow-up actions for accountability purposes.
  • Contract Management:  Manage vendors, create contracts, and track agreements easily and quickly.
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Secure K-12 Document Storage and Management

Traditional paper-based records systems make addressing compliance with state and federal regulations a difficult process.


The VitalScan document management system for schools automates many critical processes—making it much easier to maintain access to data and create an audit trail for each record. 


Comply with:

  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
  • Fair Information Practice Principles (FIPPs)
  • Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Protected health information (PHI)

How It Works: Records Management for K-12 Schools

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1. School sends request.

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2. VRC provides boxes, labor, and materials.

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3. Your account representative packs your paperwork.

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4. Files are securely transferred to document imaging center.

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7. Documents can be safely destroyed after scanning.

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5. Documents are digitized and indexed.

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8. Customer support is available as needed.

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6. Digitized documents are uploaded to a cloud-based repository.

Featured Case Study

A Smart Solution to Managing Student Records

How Paul Mitchell Schools implemented an ECM Cloud Solution to streamline document management with VRC.

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