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Secure Shredding

Drop-Off Shredding

We provide safe, secure, and reliable drop-off shredding near you.


Drop-Off Shredding Services Near You

Vitalshred specializes in Drop-Off Shredding Services for small businesses and government organizations. If your business doesn’t routinely create a large volume of paper documents, one-time shredding may be your best option. It’s a cost-effective way to securely and conveniently rid your organization of files once or on an as-needed basis. Find a drop-off shredding location near you.

Serving the North American market

We have a network of drop off shredding locations across North America that allow you to drop off your documents and trust they will be handled with care.

Secure Shredding and Recycling

Your private information and documents are shredded and recycled in a secure facility by a professionally trained, licensed staff.

Customer Service is Our First Priority

As one of the most experienced shredding companies in the US, we specialize in protecting all of your important documents with secure chain of custody protocols.

Simple Drop-Off Shredding

Schedule a shredding appointment with one of our agents. Then, when it’s convenient, drop off your documents so they can be destroyed immediately.


Shredding at Your Convenience

While driving several hundred pounds of private papers to a drop-off shred center may not be reasonable, if your small business or household doesn’t produce more than a few dozen pounds of documents that require shredding at a time, drop-off shredding services offer an easy and secure way to dispose of your documents.

Find Drop-off Shredding Services Near Me

  • You simply find a location nearest you and ask about our drop-off and residential shredding services.
  • Drive your documents over, and pay to have them shredded based on how much you bring in.

A Paper Shredding Company You Can Count On

Our shredding service helps your organization benefit from legally disposing of old records and sensitive data. VitalShred can help you comply with state and federal regulations regarding the disposal of personal information.


We can offer your business a secure collection of secure shred bins or containers that come to your location so your organization can dispose of files without having to worry about them falling into the wrong hands. One-time shred service or recurring offsite services, we can help you securely destroy all of your outdated or sensitive documents.

How It Works

VitalShred Drop-Off Shredding Process

1. Contact the location nearest you to inquire about our drop-off shredding.
2. When it's convenient for you, bring your papers and file boxes to our facility to be weighed.
3. We will provide you with a free shred quote based on how much you bring in.
icon - shredding
4. Your sensitive materials are securely shredded.
icon - ribbon
5. You receive a certificate of destruction at your request.
icon - recycle
6. Your shredded materials are securely recycled.

What Our Clients Say

At VRC, we're committed to delivering the highest level of service and secure chain of custody for the shredding of confidential paper documents. That's why we're happy to share the customer experiences that let us know we're on point.


From the initial call to the actual shredding of the documents - everything was perfect. We were so pleased. Thanks for outstanding customer service with a reasonable cost!

Michelle Cooper

Lakeview Family Dentistry


Our VRC shredding technician was so gracious to take my new boxes, fill the shred items into the truck, and bring back my new boxes, which saved us a lot of money.

Cathy D. Dancy, Vice President

Human Resources & Facility Management, Care Advantage

Your Shred On-Demand Questions, Answered

Drop-off document destruction and paper shredding services are ideal for small businesses or residents with paper volumes that aren’t quite big enough for a one-time or regular shredding service.

Interested in VRC or the secure destruction services we provide?

Don’t hesitate to reach out so we can learn more about your business.