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Digital Storage Solutions

Easily access and share all your digital documents with our document storage solutions for business.


All-in-one Document Scanning and Storage Solutions for Managing Documents

Our comprehensive document storage solution offers a secure document management system to store, upload, and manage your files and records. With our digital document storage solutions, you can eliminate the need for expensive hardware infrastructure and instead put the power in your hands.


Using our simple document management software, you'll be able to access and manage your documents with ease. And because our enterprise document management software is trusted by small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike, you know you're in good hands.


Join the thousands of companies who trust us to be their document scanning company and experience the benefits of our state-of-the-art document storage solutions.

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Smart search document management system

Having a centralized records management system to manage digitized documents is essential for any business. With our document management solutions for business, employees can find and retrieve files remotely with real-time access.

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Affordable document management technology

Our document scanning and cloud storage offers a SaaS pricing model so you can get pricing that fits your business. You can customize your document management solution based on your data, retention and budget needs.

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Secure document management

Firewall and encryption procedures protect your confidential information so only your authorized viewers can access your digital content. We maintain high-quality SLAs and a secure SSL certificate to ensure that all user sessions are encrypted and your data remains secure.


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Long-term document retention

Off-site backup storage and archival storage complement our digital solutions to help you meet the legal and compliance requirements of your industry.

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Uptime Guarantee


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ECM Digital Storage

Corporate Electronic Document Management System

A secure and efficient way to store and access important organizational information is to use secure online storage for documents. Our document storage solutions for business provides you with fast, secure access to information from virtually any location.


Our DMS system software allows for real-time collaboration between different sites, such as remote offices and mobile workers. Additionally, digital file storage is scalable and can easily meet the needs of large organizations. This means that enterprises can quickly increase or decrease their data storage capacity as needed without having to invest in additional hardware.

Electronic File Storage Solutions

VRC’s servers are stored in underground, bunkered data centers that adhere to SAS 70 Type II auditing standards. They’re climate-controlled and contain comprehensive fire suppression systems, all while boasting additional security features to protect against data loss:

Combined Shape 24/7 on-site personnel and closed-circuit surveillance

Combined Shape Card and biometric access controls

Combined Shape Automated data backup routines

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Secure Online Document Storage

Storing your documents in the cloud is becoming increasingly popular as businesses look for ways to reduce costs and increase efficiency.


With electronic file storage solutions, you can store and access your documents from anywhere in the world without hiring addition IT support . Our solutions are designed to provide maximum security and reliability, with features such as encryption, backup, and disaster recovery.


Saving documents to the cloud offers flexibility and scalability, so you can expand your storage capacity as your business grows. By using our document storage software, you can rest assured that your documents are safe and accessible when you need them.


How It Works

Digital Storage, Step by Step

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1. Request document scanning services through our VitalWeb portal

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2. Your documents are scanned, digitized, and indexed

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3. Digital documents and metadata are uploaded to our cloud hosting platform

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4. Your files and folders are encrypted to your specified user access controls

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5. Employees can retrieve digital files remotely

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6. Centralize data from multiple operating systems into one complete cloud storage system with real-time access

Frequently Asked Questions

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Noncompliance can cost millions of dollars. Digitizing your documents enables you to locate information quickly to satisfy or avoid a costly audit.

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