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Health Information Management

Healthcare Audit Management

Manage your government and commercial post- and pre-pay audit programs (e.g., RAC, MAC, QIO, CERT PERM, etc.) at no additional cost to you.


Streamlined Healthcare Audit Management

A poor score on your medical audit results can directly impact your healthcare organization’s profitability. Our healthcare audit management solution helps you manage your government and commercial post- and pre-pay audit programs (e.g., RAC, MAC, QIO, CERT PERM, etc.) at no additional cost to you. Our integrated solution for healthcare audit management gives you a complete picture of your audit process, so your team can stay on schedule and within budget.

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Audit Track and Logic Checks

Use data to make intelligent decisions when creating healthcare audits. Our Logic Checks use your existing data to identify logical inconsistencies earlier in the audit process.

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Faster Fulfillment of Medical Records Audits

Use due date management, audit requester contact information, and renewal priority to process requests in hours.

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Medical Records Storage and Access

VitalChart stores and retrieves patient information including medical records, imaging, lab tests, and more.

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ROI System Integration

Our integrated solution for healthcare records management streamlines the audit process and helps your team work more efficiently.

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A Complete Solution, From Healthcare Audits to Retrieval

VitalChart offers a single commercial audit solution to automate and track the audit process for any type of commercial or government audit – from medical records requests to appeal resolution.

Streamline Medical Request Processes

  • With due date management, prioritization of audit requests, and electronic fulfillment, audit requests are fulfilled in hours, saving critical time and costs.
  • Once patient records are released, you can select the option that allows you to review the records for completeness and accuracy.

Online Dashboards and Reporting

  • Full dashboards and reporting, including customized reports, offer transparency and visibility into all requests.
  • Leverage VitalChart's capability to deliver medical records through direct connections, electronic delivery, esMD, print, and mail.

ROI Integrations

  • Integration with our release of information software and our delivery network accelerates fulfillment of information requests.
  • Audit documentation requests are prioritized in our VitalChart ROI system for flexible and prompt delivery, offering efficiency and cost savings.

Improve Profitability With Accurate Tracking

Combined Shape Post- and pre-pay audit programs at no additional cost

Combined Shape Cut down on paper waste

Combined Shape Our ROI team fulfills audit requests for you

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Handle Your Audit Requests with Ease

With multiple features for viewing, prioritizing, and fulfilling audit requests, VitalChart helps you reduce the time it takes to fulfill requests by 50%.

  • Control every step of the audit procedure
  • Adaptable to commercial and government audits

How It Works

Healthcare Audit Management, Step-by-Step

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1. Plan: Plan audit schedules and assignments.

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2. Reporting: Automate reporting workflows.

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3. Execution: Audit collaboration tools and progression monitoring

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4. Corrective: Plan corrective actions and request activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

With due date management, audit request prioritization, and electronic fulfillment, our solution fulfills audit requests in hours, not days. This saves you critical time and labor costs.

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