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Secure Shredding

Hard Drive Destruction

Data destruction services to purge hardware, servers, data backups, and more.


Convenient and Compliant Disposal for Media and Hard Drives

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Permanently Wipe Drives and Tapes

Delete sensitive information from your computer and hard drives to protect it from being accessed by sophisticated cybercriminals.

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Bonded Data Specialists

Our background-checked technicians will pick up electronic records from your office and transport them to our secure shredding facilities for total destruction.

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Physical Drive and Device Destruction

Our state-of-the-art shredders turn hard drives and electronic devices into tiny particles, making it impossible to reconstruct them.

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Your plastic and electronic materials are recycled according to EPA Information Quality guidelines.

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VRC Destruction Capabilities

Combined Shape Hard Drives

Combined Shape Media and Tapes

Combined Shape Laptops

Combined Shape Disks, DVD’s and CD’s

Combined Shape X-Rays

Combined Shape Microfilm

Combined Shape Access and credit cards

Frequently Asked Questions

Hard drives store data on metal disks called platters. To ensure data is unrecoverable, these platters need to be destroyed. Hard drive destruction typically involves two methods that permanently destroy platters:

  • Shearing - An industrial shredder cuts the platter into small pieces or strips to ensure it cannot be placed back together.
  • Crushing - In this process, a large hole is punched through the platter. This results in the magnetic surface rippling and deforming, so data is unrecoverable.

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