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Scan On Demand Services

VitalScan digitizes your stored documents as needed so you can have on-demand access from any location.


Gain access to important files with Scan On Demand Services

While your physical files are in our secure storage, you’re still able to access them without visiting the facility. VitalScan is able to scan documents at your employees’ request, which provides an economical alternative to having all your files imaged at once.

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Remote Access

View your records from anywhere, regardless of the facility in which your files are stored.

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Convenient Portal

Our VitalWeb portal provides a clean and straightforward interface for your employees. They can request, scan, and download files from a single platform.


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File Hosting Opportunities

When you have files scanned, you’ll also have the option to set up a cloud document hosting solution with VRC. Essentially, this would make retrieving scanned files even easier to retrieve in the future.

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Secure Return or Disposal

When you’ve obtained the images you need, your physical files can either be returned to storage or securely shredded.

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ECM Scan on Demand

Keep Your Business Moving

Obviously, when your employees need to access important records to do their jobs, you want to minimize the hassle of pulling those files out of storage. Our scan on-demand services not only helps employees focus on the task at hand, it also saves your business time and money.

Improving Logistics

As businesses grow, so too does their need for efficient file sharing and access, especially across multiple offices or locations. Scan on-demand gives your business a way to streamline otherwise cumbersome retrievals.

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How it works

Scan On Demand, Step-by-Step

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1. Request scan on-demand services for your stored records via our secure records management system, VitalWeb®.

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2. We retrieve the files you need in our record center, scan them, and upload them to the VitalWeb® portal.

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3. You receive a notification that your digital files are ready for viewing.

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4. Log into VitalWeb® to access and download your documents. Your electronic files are available in PDF format for 5 business days before they are auto-deleted for security purposes.

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5. If needed, VRC can set up a secure document management hosting solution for your digital files, making them easy to retrieve in the future.

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6. Your physical documents are returned back to our offsite storage facility, or securely shredded.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still looking to learn more about how scan on demand services work? Check out some answers to these common questions.

Yes, it is. Physical retrievals include transportation fees associated with delivering and picking up files, which digital retrievals do not incur.

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