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Secure Shredding Services

Paper shred service and secure shredding to destroy confidential documents, records, and data cost-effectively.


Secure Shredding Services Near Me and Data Destruction

When it comes to protecting your company's sensitive documents and data, you need a reliable and secure method of secure document destruction.


VitalShred offers an effective solution with our bulk paper shredding services. Our team of certified shredding experts will come to your commercial location and shred all your paper-based records, plastics, and electronic media. As one of the leading document shredding companies in the U.S., we use the latest shredding equipment to ensure that all documents are destroyed beyond recognition and in accordance with all relevant legislation.


In addition to being secure and compliant, our bulk document shredding service is also cost-effective, saving your company time and money. With VitalShred, you can rest assured that all your confidential information is securely destroyed and disposed of.

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Commercial Shredding Services

With our reoccurring paper shredding service, we will come pick up your sensitive documents at a time that works for your schedule and transport them to the nearest shredding facility.

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Secure Paper Shredding

Choose from on and off site shredding services to destroy your documents in the presence of your employees, or our offsite shredding where we pick them up and shred them at one of our secure facilities.

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Online Retention Portal

Our customer portal makes it simple to schedule recurring shredding, one time shredding service or bulk shredding. On-demand shred reports enable you to manage your invoices and document retention schedules.

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Sustainable Shredding

Certified document destruction supports businesses' global sustainability initiatives, ensuring your paper, plastics, and electronic records will be securely destroyed and recycled.

Find the Right Secure Shredding Services for Your Commercial Business

Find the Right Secure Shredding Services for Your Commercial Business

Your Secure Document Destruction Questions, Answered

If you’re unsure how our shredding services can address your business’ needs, check out our answers to some of the frequently asked questions we get at VRC.

Paper shredding services typically charge by the pound, so the cost of the service will increase with the size of the job. If you have a large amount of paper to shred, you might save costs by scheduling multiple visits from a document shredding company. The type of paper you need to shred can also affect the cost of the service. If you have special paper that needs to be shredded, such as confidential documents, you might have to pay a higher price than if you were shredding regular paper.


Overall, the cost of paper shredder service is not too expensive, especially when you consider the peace of mind that comes with knowing your confidential documents are securely destroyed.

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Looking for Secure Shredding Services Near Me

We offer competitive shred services on electronic shredding, paper shredding and document destruction. Reach out to us to inquire about document shredding services near you.