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HR Workflow Automation 

HR Workflow Automation lets you focus on finding the right employee for your business instead of wading through endless stacks of resumes and cover letters.


Untangle the Employee Onboarding Process with HR Workflow Automation

Instead of focusing on prospective hires for your business, it’s all too possible that your business is bogged down by paper-heavy processes that make onboarding inefficient and costly. With the VRC HR workflow automation solution, you will be able to easily organize employee applications and streamline your onboarding process.

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Digital transformation

Converting your onboarding process to a digital platform not only reduces paper waste, it also helps your business more readily access important files. E-forms and automatically created files saves you time and streamlines your new-hire process.

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HR workflow automation

Stay on top of time-sensitive information with e-mail notifications and updates. Alerts are readily customizable for performance reviews, time-off requests, or other regular procedures.

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Document security

Any data stored through our cloud-based platform is encrypted to ensure your data remains confidential. Only authorized personnel are able to access your documents.

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Maintain file integrity and compliance

VRC’s HR automation services make sure your files are compliant with your relevant security standards. To ensure that your files are complete, we’ll notify you of any missing documents.

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ECM Workflow Automation Human Resources

The Advantage of Digital HR Document Management

HR document management

  • Access files anywhere
    • Electronic files can be accessed online and instantly shared between locations.
  • Secure Data Backups
    • If a local file is lost or damaged, you’ll be able to access its digital backup saved on our servers.

Reliable employee portal

  • Configurable user settings
    • Enforce strict security on your records by controlling who can access them.
  • Automated e-form workflows
    • Data entered once can be used to populate several new onboarding forms, making employee performance reviews faster and easier to trace from beginning to end.

Simplify processes

  •  Automated workflows
    • Easily create, route, and review documents digitally through our centralized platform.
  • Document disposal or cleanup
    • Schedule and run reports to review documents eligible for destruction.

Essential Remote Work Tools with an HR Document Management System

As remote or hybrid (part-time remote) work become more prevalent, organizations need a solution that lets employees securely access information and collaborate from anywhere. VRC’s platform enables a few crucial features:

Combined Shape Secure logins through our portal that enable secure, simple, and speedy work from home or while traveling.

Combined Shape Technologies that are essential for effective remote work: digitization, cloud-based information management, and process automation.

Combined Shape Administrative tools that improve process efficiency and effective team management.

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Automated HR Workflow Benefits

By automating HR processes through our platform, you’ll cut down on errors and speed up processes.

  • Satisfy Complete audit trail
    • Ensure state and federal compliance throughout all procedures.
  • Retention and destruction compliance
    • Prevent noncompliance fines by automating policy safeguards.

Frequently Asked Questions About Document Management System for Human Resources

Still looking to learn more about human resources workflow automation? Check out some answers to these common questions.

Not automating HR tasks could be hurting productivity. HR managers who do not automate workflow tend to lose an average of 14 hours a week manually completing tasks. More than 25% waste 20 hours or more, and 11% spend 30 hours or more on menial tasks.

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