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Health Information Management


VRC Chartflow equips healthcare providers with the tools, expertise, and processes they need to improve revenue cycles.


A Centralized Medical Coding Solution

Our Chartflow portal is a single platform to consolidate and acquire patient records. Based on your preferences, medical records can be acquired in a variety of ways. Our platform integrates directly with your EHR, or you can upload your records.

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Centralized Medical Coding

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Medical Code Specialists

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Expedited Billing

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Data-Driven Decision Making

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Streamline Your Operations

  • Save staff time
  • Eliminate additional costs

Actionable Reporting and Analysis

Immediately access data that helps you plan for the future and run your practice more effectively.

Combined Shape Track Key Performance Analytics

Combined Shape Identify Coding and Documentation Opportunities

Combined Shape Respond to feedback

HIM Chartflow Medical Coding Software
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One Complete System

Chartflow makes the coding process simple by housing all the features you need in a single platform.

How It Works

Chartflow, Step-by-Step

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1. Medical records are integrated directly with our portal

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2. Business logic auto-distributes records based on coding specialty

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3. Our coders assign ICD-10 codes

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4. Coded records are accessible to your Charge Entry team

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5. Integration with your billing system enables quick submissions to Payers

Frequently Asked Questions

Charts are piling up in your department. You need qualified coders, but they’re in short supply. With ChartFlow, you receive a simple, secure way to get charts in front of remote coders. Now you can work with coders no matter where they are.


With ChartFlow; your remote coders can be provided a robust workflow solution with integrated code entry.

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