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Offsite Storage

Underground Storage

Add an extra layer of security by storing your invaluable items in one of our underground storage facilities.


Underground Storage for Maximum Protection From the Elements

Since 1988, Vital Records Control has specialized in providing secure storage solutions that traditional storage facilities can’t match. Much like our media vaults, our underground storage facilities are equipped with environmental controls and state-of-the-art protocols to protect your business-critical records and provide maximum information security.

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Secure Facilities

Climate controls, fire suppression systems; access controls; 24/7 monitoring.

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Audible Chain of Custody

Record centers are governed by strict chain-of-custody procedures, including RFID technology barcoding to provide complete visibility into inventory at all times.


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Trustworthy People

VRC employees undergo rigorous background checks, screenings, and in-depth training to ensure the highest standards of security are maintained in offsite storage.

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VitalWeb application provides an online document storage solution to track and manage your stored records and files. Search for information assets tagged with metadata and process retrieval and new service requests.

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OS Underground Storage

On-Demand Access

  • Priority-ship physical delivery options
  • Secure viewing rooms for on-site access
  • Private facilities for clients that require direct access to their records.

Maximum Records Security

Biometric fingerprint security ensures only authorized visitors are provided access to our vaults.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We do. Just like our traditional offsite storage services, our specialty storage solutions require our records management specialists to track media and other artifacts with handheld scanners to ensure chain-of-custody documentation throughout the storage process.

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