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Industries We Serve

While every business needs a system for handling documents and paperwork, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. To fit your business’s unique needs, VRC offers records management solutions that are tailored to your industry.

Industry benefits insurance


Improve compliance and information workflows while better managing the constant flow of new claims, quotes, and other administrative paperwork.

Industry benefits education


Gain a document management solution that meets your department’s or school district’s budget requirements.

healthcare audit 1


Store, access, and release confidential patient health information while maintaining medical record compliance for healthcare organizations.

Industry benefits small bus

Small Business

Obtain assistance in navigating daunting records and compliance standards.

Industry benefits hospitality

Retail and Hospitality

Improve your business’s service quality with more comprehensive data collection and simplified records management.

Industry benefits government


Securely manage government records while maintaining physical and digital compliance standards.

Industry benefits financial

Financial Institutions

Better manage clients’ personnel data, commercial account information, signature cards, and more while safeguarding the integrity of such sensitive documents and records.

Industry benefits legal

Legal / Professional Services

Information specialists help you protect your law firm’s data and reputation through a comprehensive legal records management plan.

Industry benefits manufacturing


Streamline your workflow into a centralized platform to better handle document storage, scanning, and shredding solutions.

Industry benefits banking


Whether you’re a mortgage lender, private bank, or commercial bank, we’ll help you manage important records and protect your customer’s private information.