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Workflow Automation -
Accounts Payable

Simplify accounts processing to reduce cycle times and save on management costs.


The Modern AP Invoicing Solution

Because of how tedious and time-consuming manually processing accounts payable invoices can be, Vital Records Control developed the tools necessary to streamline the process with our automated workflow solution. Ultimately, by spending less time chasing paper work, you can focus on the critical tasks that keep your business profitable.

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Partnership Built on Trust

VRC provides accounts payable invoice workflow automation to businesses across the United States. We’re committed to providing the best service to suit your business.

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Digital Transformation

Our specialists will guide you throughout the journey toward a smart, streamlined electronic invoice workflow. Shedding antiquated, manual accounts payable processes will save on costs and alleviate productivity chokepoints.


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Flexible Management

Paper invoices can be captured and digitized to just about any file format. Our systems are designed to make processing payments, storing files, and viewing related information as straightforward and manageable as possible.

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Digital Mailroom Access

Utilizing VRC’s digital mailroom services allows you to efficiently organize physical invoices that are sent to your business. The digital mailroom also helps you distribute files and information to where they need to be, so your employees can perform their tasks without interruption.

ECM - Workflow Automation - Accounts Payable

Cloud-Based Workflow Automation Software

With AP automation through our cloud-based platform, businesses can drive greater efficiency, accuracy, visibility, and cost savings throughout their procure to pay (P2P) processes.

Process Data More Efficiently

With intelligent automation (IA) technology, you’ll be able to classify, route, and extract data right away.

Combined Shape Eliminate manual data entry and sorting

Combined Shape Reduce fraud by automating payment processing

Combined Shape Shorten time to payment to earn more early discounts

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Improve Operations

With our accounts payable service, all of your team’s decisions will be more strategic and value-added with actionable insights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still looking to learn more about accounts payable workflow automation? Check out some answers to these common questions.

Our accounts payable process solutions are ideal for businesses looking to reduce procure-to-pay (P2P) or order-to-cash (O2C) cycles, such as procurement, accounts invoice processing, order management, and accounts receivable.

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