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Raleigh, North Carolina

Document Scanning

Convert paper records into easy-to-find digital files with 24/7 customer service using our cost-effective imaging solutions.

Does your Raleigh, NC company need a better way to manage its information and improve business processes? Our document scanning services can help.


We specialize in document imaging services in Raleigh, NC, and the surrounding region. Our highly trained imaging implementation team is trained converts paper records in all formats and sizes. We’ve digitized thousands of paper records for medical facilities, legal firms, architecture firms, and more over the past 30 years.


Wide variety of document scanning services for your Raleigh company:

Our local Raleigh team works with you to develop a document scanning solution that aligns with your compliance and budget specifications. Our document imaging services include:

  • Document Preparation
    • Our team will work with your staff to coordinate the boxing of records. Then, one of our licensed drivers will pick up your boxes for transport to our facility.
  • Receipt of Documents
    • Once your documents arrive at our facility, we’ll barcode scan your items. Each box’s barcode is entered into our system so they can be tracked throughout the entire scanning process.
  • Document Preparation
    • We’ll remove all staples, paper clips, and any other bindings or fasteners. We’ll also secure ripped pages and flatten folded edges.
  • Scanning
    • We utilize high-efficiency scanners to ensure all your documents are scanned and converted into the clearest images possible.
  • Quality Review
    • After imaging has occurred, our scanning team carefully reviews each image to ensure readability and clarity. Any poorly scanned images are rescanned to meet our high-quality standards.
  • Indexing
    • We’ll index your files according to your specifications, whether by patient or client name, classification code, or other important information.
  • Document Management System Integration
    • After documents are scanned, format and upload your digital documents for integration with your document management system.

Why scan with Vital Records Control?

  • Experience
    • With over 30 years of document scanning experience, we have the expertise and experience to scan it right, on time, and on budget.
  • High-Quality Procedures
    • We utilize RFID tracking in all our records management procedures. We barcode scan and track your documents from the moment the leave your office until they’re returned back to you.
  • Local Service, National Scale
    • No job is too big or small for us. We have offices all across North Carolina, allowing us to provide the local service you need, with the national scale to get the job done right and cost-effectively.
  • Customizable Scanning Solutions
    Our imaging team works with your staff to customize a scanning solution that works with both your unique needs and budget.

Benefits of Document Scanning

  • Reduce the amount of time spent searching for documents
  • Improve customer service with faster response times
  • Reduce labor costs while allowing your staff to work more efficiently
  • Get more out of your information assets
  • Eliminate bulky filing cabinets for more profitable use of space
  • Reduce office clutter and become more organized
  • Form a safe, reliable back up plan for your business
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with HIPAA and other regulations
  • Peace of mind knowing your sensitive records are protected and compliant

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Vital Records Control Raleigh service areas include:

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