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Document Shredding Services

Securely destroy your company's sensitive documents to meet retention requirements.

Shredding services near me for your end-to-end information protection.

Whether you’re a small business or large enterprise, chances are your company generates a lot of paper documents and confidential information. Though paper shredding onsite with a hand-fed shredder may seem like a reasonable way to save space, it’s time-consuming and can put you at risk of identity theft.

Shredding services focus on the destruction of materials that typically contain sensitive information and require secure destruction to meet retention policies.

From mobile shredding services that come to you to offsite bulk shredding, we can design a paper shredding service solution to fit your company’s paper usage and retention needs.

Mobile Shredding Services

Whether you prefer to watch the shredding of confidential documents for peace of mind or are required to do so by law, our mobile shredding services give you a compliant, convenient way to destroy materials at your location.

Our trained and bonded specialists come to your location for paper shredding services to occur in a mobile shredding truck equipped with industrial-grade shredders, allowing you to watch the entire process.

Here’s how it works:

  1. We deliver shred consoles to your location.
  2. You fill the shred bins with documents to be destroyed.
  3. On your regularly scheduled shred day, uniformed VRC technicians pickup and transport shred bins to a mobile shredding truck parked on site.
  4. Bins are emptied into an industrial-grade shredder that destroys papers beyond recognition.
  5. We transport the shredded materials to an off-site recycling plant.
  6. You receive a certificate of destruction to ensure your papers are destroyed according to HIPAA, FACTA, GLA, and GSA policies.

Offsite Shredding Services

Looking for document destruction service for the frequent disposal of large volumes of papers? Our offsite services are perfect for paper-dependent companies to ensure your sensitive materials are destroyed compliantly with laws and regulations.

With offsite shredding, we pick up your documents for disposal and transport them to our destruction plant for secure shredding to occur.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You choose your pickup schedule.
  2. We drop off secure, locked shred bins at your location.
  3. You fill the bins with documents to be shredded.
  4. At scheduled intervals, our uniformed specialists pick up your bins in secure trucks.
  5. We transport the bins to a destruction facility that has security around the perimeter and monitored access systems.
  6. Your documents are securely destroyed and recycled.
  7. You receive a certificate of destruction with the date and time of shredding.

One-Time Purge Projects

Do you have a bulk of paper from a recent tax audit or company move? Our one-time purge services are a secure, cost-effective way to save time and destroy confidential records.

We’ll drop off NAID-certified shred bins at your location. Once they’re filled with documents, our bonded staff will pick them up and transport them to a secure offsite plant for disposal and recycling. We’ll provide a certified certificate of destruction for your records.

Shred Bins

We place secure, locked shred bins at your location to reduce the risk of your private information falling into the wrong hands. And, unlike some competitors that charge by the pound or hour, our shredding prices are charged by the bin, saving your company money.

Our shred bins and documents are barcoded, scanned and tracked throughout the destruction process.

Choose from 32-gallon shred bins, 64-gallon containers, or 96-gallon bins. Contact us for pricing and a free quote.

36-gallon shred bin, 64-gallon, 96-gallon containers

Why shred with Vital Records Control?

Secure Chain-of-Custody

No matter which shredding service you choose, we follow rigorous industry and security standards. Our document shredding service solutions include innovative RFID tracking and technologies to ensure the security of your information. At the end of each shredding process, we offer a certificate of destruction for your compliance records.

National Association of Information Destruction (NAID) AAA Certified

As your shredding company, your information security is our top priority. To protect your information, we’ve earned NAID AAA certification. And, our destruction facilities must pass unannounced audits that evaluate employee background screening, compliance with procedures, access controls, and security, confidentiality agreements and liability insurance.

Destruction and Recycling

We use an industrial-grade strip shredder to reduce paper to 3/8-inch strips. Then, the shredded particles are baled and sent to a local recycling partner. Paper mills then clean recycled materials and repurpose them into new products, minimizing our environmental impact. Learn more about the benefits of sustainable shredding.

Document Storage and Shredding

Requests for the shredding of your stored paper documents can be ordered through our online portal, VitalWeb. New customers can call us at (877) 898-7450 to request a shredding quote. On-demand shredding requests can typically be fulfilled in 48 hours or less.

Data Destruction Services

Paper shredding is only a part of our document destruction solutions. We offer hard drive destruction services to help you securely dispose of data backups, hard drives, laptops, digital information, and other media.

The Document Shredding Process

flowchart detailing the document shredding process

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