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Advantages of Offsite Data Storage

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Would your business sustain a power surge, earthquake, or major flood? Believe it or not, your data availability is a major determinant of your survival potential.

According to a recent survey, 60% of small businesses fail after a major loss of data. That’s why offsite data storage has become an increasingly common solution for archiving documents and backing up crucial files. A well-rounded data protection plan that includes offsite tape storage and online backup will dramatically decrease the amount of downtime you suffer when the unexpected hits you without warning.

If you’re storing the lifeblood of your business onsite, you may be putting your company, customers, and employees’ information at risk. Fortunately, offsite data protection prevents your essential documents from being lost or ending up in the wrong hands. Here are some of its key benefits:

Top 5 Advantages of Offsite Data Protection

  • Cost-Effectiveness
    • With offsite data backup storage, there is usually very little to no setup costs involved, making it a cost-effective solution. A recurring monthly fee is charged for your data storage space, and the price for records storage is determined by the amount of data space you require.
  • Dependability
    • Offsite backup data facilities supply automated updates, quick data recovery, easy access to data, and real-time edits to information. Additionally, Data Centres provide replication services between data centers for further security and peace of mind. Offsite data protection needs to be reliable, safe, and provide accessibility when you need it. Therefore, you’ll want to ensure you’re working with a storage provider with a good reputation.
  • Encrypted Security
    • The role of encryption is critical when it comes to storing vital information. By storing it offsite with a trusted partner with high protection and security standards, you can guarantee data transfers always include encryption and that your information is never subject to harm.
  • Easy-to-Implement
    • Transferring your information to a data center is extremely convenient; the only requirement necessary for offsite data protection is a means of internet connection.  When you move your confidential data to a trusted offsite backup facility, you can store, manage, and share your data with no hassle involved. Offsite data storage allows ease in performing backup and can be accomplished with only a few clicks.
  • Accessibility
    • There are probably a handful of times that you need access to company documents while you’re working remotely from the office. Offsite data protection provides the ability to access your data from anywhere safely. Information can be obtained remotely on your laptop or cell phone. Who wants to pack a suitcase full of documents anyway?

Store Your Assets in Offsite Data Storage Facilities

From manufacturers, financial institutions, distributors, to retail businesses, any industry can benefit from the advantages of offsite data protection. Storing data onsite on hard drives isn’t enough when a major disaster hits. However, with the right plan for your records, you’ll be prepared to face the unexpected or when bad luck is thrown your way.  By redirecting data to a safe offsite storage facility, your company can feel confident that their data is protected and accessible for years to come.

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