Records Storage

Protect, organize and control your confidential documents with one comprehensive information management solution.

Records Storage Services

Confidentially Store with Offsite Records Storage

While onsite records storage may seem like a feasible option for your business, it can actually diminish productivity while putting your company at risk for noncompliance. You’ll need a trusted partner with offsite records storage facilities, compliant storage procedures and accessibility to your information.

And if you already have offsite records and document storage, you’ll need to consider whether or not you’re receiving industry-best practices and premium services that allow you to maximize your information management program.

By employing Vital Records Control records and document storage services, you’ll benefit from accountable chain-of-custody procedures, effective information management programs and dedicated customer service. Offsite records storage services with a trusted partner like Vital Records Control is the secure, cost-effective solution to ensure all your records management needs are met with one provider.

With our secure record and document storage solutions, you will be able to:
  • Gain confidence knowing your records are stored in secure facilities with auditable processes
  • Optimize office space and employee time while gaining rapid access to confidential documents and records
  • Comply with governmental regulations while developing a records retention schedule

Storage solutions to meet your record management needs

With 30 years of experience, we provide you with protection, accountability and transparency to solve all your records management challenges. Our specialists guide you on how to prepare your documents for transport to our secure storage facilities, where they’ll be tracked with our innovative VitalRF technology for a complete chain-of-custody.

Our offsite document and records storage solutions include:
  • State-of-the-Art Storage Facilities –  Our SSAE-16 certified storage facilities are protected by multiple layers of security and fire suppression systems to ensure your records are always safe.
  • Customized Delivery Methods – We offer same-day, next-day, rush and emergency scheduling options.
  • Chain-of-Custody Procedures –  Vital Records Control has developed systematic procedures to deliver the highest levels of safety and accountability. Additionally, our proprietary VitalRF (Radio Frequency) technology identifies and tracks your information throughout its entire lifespan.
  • Systematic Storing Methods – Instead of using a LIFO or FIFO inventory system, we assign a unique location code to each box for permanent placement inside our warehouse.
  • Accessibility of Information – Optimize office space and staff productivity by moving your records to Vital Records Control—without giving up accessibility to them. Our web-based records management portal, VitalWeb, allows you to accurately track and manage your information, at your own convenience. And, if you need an onsite viewing of your information, accommodations can easily be made at any our offsite records storage facilities.
  • 24/7 Customer Service – We’re here to help you. Whether you’re a small business owner or enterprise company, our team is here for you.
See how we can help protect your records and documents throughout their life-cycle.

Offsite Records Storage Facilities

State-of-the Art Storage Facilities

Safely store – and worry no more

Is your business storing all of your confidential records and documents in-house? If so, your information may be susceptible to deterioration or damage from unfavorable climate conditions or unexpected disasters. It’s time to make a preemptive move to ensure that your confidential information maintains its value in offsite records and document storage facilities.

Whether you’re storing physical paper documents, electronic records or other sensitive materials, you can count on Vital Records Control to protect your most important records and documents. We offer climate-controlled, weather and fire-protected records storage facilities that preserve your confidential documents for years to come.

SSAE16 Certified Facililties

All Vital Records Controls’ records facilities and procedures have been audited and certified as SSAE16 compliant by third party auditors.

Structure of our Buildings

All our storage facilities are located within solid customized concrete facilities with no prefabricated metal walls. Each warehouse is mounted on a raised 3 foot foundation to prevent damage in the event of flooding. Additionally, each facility is equipped with emergency generators and monitored 24/7 by intuitive security systems for end-to-end protection.

Security of building and transportation of records

Secure monitoring

We provide only one entrance into each facility with tightly-controlled access and monitored supervision. Other than vehicle loading/unloading, our facility doors remain locked and secured to reduce the risk of unwarranted entry.

Permitted Personnel Only

All visitors to our facilities must be escorted upon arrival and register their presence. Only Vital Records Control representatives or permitted vendors are allowed access within storage areas. This virtually eliminates any opportunities for unauthorized viewing of records in storage at our facilities.

GPS Tracked Transportation

We utilize our own internal fleet of unmarked, automatic locking, GPS tracked and radio-dispatched vehicles to make 100% of your deliveries and pick-ups. Only vetted Vital Records Control employees make deliveries to your company.

Fire Protection System

Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art fire systems, including an ESFR Fire Protection System. This system allows for maximum fire suppression with remote area coverage capabilities. In addition, our facilities are installed with superior early warning detection equipment to catch the earliest sign of a fire.

Quality of Storage Area

Vital Records Control prides itself on maintaining extremely clean facilities. We automatically repack any box in poor condition. Additionally, we store boxes no higher than three to a stack, ensuring your boxes remain in top-notch condition.

Limitless Storage Space

Vital Records Controls has an unlimited amount of growth space for records with built-in flexibility in many of our leases. We are comfortably positioned to handle any amount of records that your company should desire to store off-site.

See how offsite record and document storage solutions can help you stay compliant.

Records Management

Records Management Solutions

Keep records safe and accessible

When it comes to having an efficient records management system in place, accessibility and reliable retrievals are key components. By using a trusted offsite records storage company with state-of-the-art technology, you can easily protect, access and organize your information – at your own convenience.

At Vital Records Control, we not only keep your records safe in secure offsite records storage facilities, but we also provide a safe way to manage them. From detailed reporting, audit-able inventory tracking to built-in records retention capabilities, our proprietary VitalWeb platform performs the various functions of records management – all in one easy-to-use system.

 VitalWeb records management system features include:
  • Bar-code tracking of inventory
  • Online ordering of boxes, deliveries, scan-on-demand and secure shredding services
  • Customizable reporting, description and search options
  • Multi-level user role assignments and departmental infrastructure
  • Built-in retention and compliance capabilities
  • Convenient, secure online access, 24/7

See how you can locate and access documents with our reliable records management system.

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