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Secure Shredding Services

Securely destroy confidential documents, records, and data securely and cost-effectively.


Secure Shredding of Documents and Sensitive Records

As your company stores more and more private documents over time, both paper or electronic media, you’ll need a secure document destruction solution as they reach the end of their lifecycle. Protect your information and that of your clients' with our shredding services.

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Certified Shredding

Our commercial shredding services are governed by secure chain of custody procedures and includes innovative RFID tracking and technologies to ensure the security of your information.

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Scalable Shredding Programs

Our secure document shredding includes daily, weekly, or monthly shredding services by screened service specialists, as well as IT asset and e-waste destruction services.

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VitalWeb Information Management Portal

Our customer portal makes it simple to schedule recurring shredding, one time shredding or bulk shredding. Online tools and on-demand shred reports enable you to manage your invoices and document retention schedules.

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Sustainable Shredding

Certified document shredding and media destruction supports businesses' global sustainability initiatives, ensuring your paper, plastics, and electronic records will be securely destroyed and recycled.

Find the Right Shredding Service For Your Business

Find the Right Shredding Service For Your Business

Your Secure Document Destruction Questions, Answered

If you’re unsure how our shredding services can address your business’ needs, check out our answers to some of the frequently asked questions we get at VRC.

Instead of paying valuable employees to destroy information with a desk-side shredder, a document shredding company, like VRC, can do it more cost-effectively, with less clutter and fewer hassles. Secure destruction is our business – let us do the work for you so that you can run your business.

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Meet Our Secure Shredding Specialists

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Regional Vice-President - West

Get Started with Secure Media and Document Destruction from VRC's Certified Experts

We’re happy to answer any questions about the confidential document disposal of your records and documents to protect your brand and reduce information risk.