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Charlotte, North Carolina

Records Storage

Store and manage your confidential documents in secure offsite records storage facilities, with a range of online and retrieval options.

Looking for a records storage facility in Charlotte, NC or the surrounding region?

Since 1988, Vital Records Control Charlotte has been trusted by companies throughout the area to securely store their business’ paper files offsite – saving space, costs, and hassle.


We’re here to protect your intellectual property and your customers’ private information.


It’s all the convenience of having documents readily available when you need them, but without the long search for them.


Offsite Records Storage provides your business:

 24/7 Convenient Pick-Up Services, 365 Days/Year
You don’t need to transport your documents into storage. Our professional, uniformed staff will pick up and transport your documents to our secure facility. Regularly scheduled or on-demand. Order file pick-ups online or by phone.


 24/7 On-Demand Retrieval & Delivery, 365 Days/Year
You get the documents you need when you need them. We find the exact files you need and quickly deliver them to you. Expedited and regular delivery options are available by web or phone.


 Secure Facilities with 24/7/365 Monitoring & Fire Suppression Systems
Your files will never be at risk from theft or fire in our secure record storage facilities. Each location is monitored year-round and is complete with security systems, fire suppression systems, NFPA-compliant sprinkler systems, and rigorous access controls.


 Climate-Controlled Document Storage
Your hard copies and records won’t be damaged by humidity, temperature, mold, or fungus. They won’t become frail or smudged due to being stored in a damp environment. Regular document storage is also available.


 HIPAA-Compliant Record Storage
Vital records are kept safe and in compliance with HIPAA standards. Perfect for legal documents, medical records, real estate paperwork, and any kinds of confidential files that have strict regulations.


 Bar-Coded Inventory Control & File-Level Indexing
Your files won’t get lost. They’re meticulously organized in a way that allows us to quickly retrieve and deliver the exact documents you need when you need them.


 Online & In-Person Access to Your Documents
In addition to 24/7 online access to your hard copy inventory, each of our facilities has an audit room complete with access to phone, fax, and copier.


 Storage Other Information Assets
Including offsite media vaults for things like physical backup tapes, disks, microfilm, microfiche, and other hard media.


 Document Scanning and Document Shredding Services Available
You get access to our comprehensive record management services when you need them, providing even greater value.


Other Services We Offer

icon shredding

Secure Destruction

Secure shredding services for your confidential documents and data.

icon health info management

Health Information Management

Streamline the management and exchange of confidential health information.

icon document scanning

Document Scanning Services

Our scanning services convert paper documents into digital images for quick and easy file shares.

icon media vaulting

Media Vaulting

Protect the data you value. Ensure business continuity with long-term data storage solutions.

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Vital Records Control Charlotte service areas include:

  • Fayetteville, NC
  • Asheville, NC
  • Wilmington, NC