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The Benefits of Student Record Management for K12 Districts

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Most K12 districts have a student record-keeping process in place, but completing paper-based processes is time-consuming and inefficient.

Students and parents are impatient, and your district is susceptible to lawsuits and bad press if something goes wrong, so an education document management solution is more important than ever.

In this blog, we will explore a few key benefits of having K12 records management in place. 

What Is a Student Record Management System?

A student record management system can help keep track of all the different types of records a school district has. It can also help keep these records organized and accessible.

Why Is a School Record Management System Important?

Student record management systems are important because they help teachers and school district administrators manage education records online and protect your students’ privacy, including transcripts and test scores. 

What Are the Benefits of an Electronic Student Records Management System?

An education document management system offers many benefits for educational institutions, but some of the most important are:

Reduce Paper and Ink Costs

As we all know, paper and ink are expensive, and school districts are always looking for ways to cut costs.

Paper records are challenging to maintain, update, and access when needed. This has led schools and school districts everywhere to look for a better approach to education records management.

With a student management system, you can store documents electronically, which will save you money on paper, ink, and storage space.

Free Up Staff Time 

Traditional paper school records can be difficult to keep track of. 

By implementing document scanning and storage, school districts can save time and improve productivity. Rather than having to hunt through filing cabinets for documents, teachers and administrators can simply use a records management system to locate the student information they need quickly and easily.

Digitized records can free up a considerable amount of time for staff, who can then use that time to focus on other tasks.

Track Which Documents Need to Be Destroyed and When

K12 school districts are required to keep certain records for a certain amount of time, and then destroy them according to their school retention policy.

Some common K12 records that must be managed, by law, include student transcripts, special education records, employee personnel files, and financial data.

With an electronic student records management system, you can keep track of which documents need to be shredded securely, and when, so you can be sure you are in compliance with the law.

Find Documents When You Need Them

Another challenge for educational institutions is keeping track of where all the records are located, which is important for both students and employees.

For students, it is important to be able to quickly locate records in case they need to be transferred to another school. For employees, it is important to be able to quickly locate records in case they need to be reviewed for a promotion or performance review.

An information system will make it easier to find documents when you need them. With all of your documents stored in one place, you can quickly and easily find what you are looking for—saving you time and money.

Track Who Has Access to Which Records

Another important reason to track who has access to records is to prevent unauthorized access.

If you know who has accessed a certain record, you can be sure that only authorized individuals are accessing sensitive information. This is a key element of data security.

By tracking access to records, you can ensure student privacy and compliance with state and federal regulations.

Ensure Student Records Are Updated

When school records are stored on paper, it can be difficult to keep track of updates and changes. This can lead to inaccurate records, which can cause problems down the road.

Outdated student records can lead to issues when it comes time to apply to colleges or for financial aid. It is also important for employee records, as outdated information can lead to issues with payroll or benefits.

By storing school records electronically, administrators and teachers can have peace of mind that they’re always accessing the most up-to-date versions of those records.

Get More Information from K12 Records Management Experts

VRC offers a comprehensive line of document scanning services and document management solutions.

We have decades of experience helping K12 schools navigate the constantly changing world of records management. Reach out to our team to learn more.

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