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Signs It’s Time to Adopt HR Automation

HR Document Management

Every company needs to maintain an agile process infrastructure, especially process-driven departments like HR that have a significant impact on the company’s bottom line. Manual HR workflow management is time-intensive and inefficient.

By not automating your HR tasks, you could be hurting productivity and falling behind competitors. HR managers who don’t automate report losing 14 hours per week on manual tasks, with more than 25% wasting 20+ hours and 11% exceeding 30 hrs.

HR’s primary role is to take care of one of your most significant assets—your employees. However, manual processes and archaic approaches prevent HR leaders from focusing on high-value activities. Here’s all the signs it’s time to recover valuable staff time spent on repetitive tasks and turn to HR workflow automation.

What are HR workflows?

HR workflows are the set of repetitive tasks that make up each aspect of an HR process. This means that before a task can begin with an HR workflow, you are aware what path it should take.

HR workflows are set up to handle countless manual tasks that go into each process. Each HR workflow attributes its own approval rules, fulfilment tasks, and process notifications.

What is HR workflow automation?

In regard to the HR realm, workflow automation improves efficiency by helping eliminate manual tasks and enabling employees to focus on more complex responsibilities, such as decision-making and strategizing. By automating mundane and repetitive HR activities, organizations can save time, reduce costs, and enhance visibility.

HR workflow automation helps businesses improve productivity by significantly reducing the time for manually processing many administrative tasks, such as copying, emailing, mailing, and filing documents. These tasks may take hours to complete manually.

Benefits of automating HR workflows

Automated HR workflows help organizations in an array of ways, including:

  • Eliminating errors and repetitive tasks
  • Bridging process gaps
  • Cutting time and costs
  • Improving productivity
  • Enhancing process efficiency
  • Boosting employee morale
  • Increasing profitability

HR workflow automation use cases

The rise in the demand of digitization has made workflow automation the solution for improving efficiencies in HR processes.

Here are scenarios to determine if HR workflow automation is needed for your business:

Company expansions

A growing organization is exciting for business — unless you work in HR. Manual, paper-based processes can hinder the growth of an organization. Whether you are expanding or acquiring new companies, your HR department is responsible for the onboarding process of the new offices. Automation can provide valuable information to aid in strategic planning for continued growth.

Technological change

The pandemic highlighted the need for digital skills, tech advancements, and workforce skills, resulting in a predicted surge in business digital transformation spending. Enterprise digital transformation investment is forecasted to grow at a 15.5% compound annual growth rate from 2020 through 2023, with total expenditure over that period reaching $6.8 trillion.

Meeting the changing workforce needs

Three in five HR leaders believe that the HR department is at danger of becoming irrelevant if it does not adapt to the evolving needs of the workplace. When your staff is bogged down implementing paper-heavy processes, they are unable to support your organization’s needs efficiently. With more employees working remotely, managers expect digital ways to keep track of employee files for faster access and processing.

Regulatory Compliance

New regulations are a constant burden when managing personnel files. Ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations, EEOC, HIPAA, and HITECH can be a headache. Furthermore, the inefficient management of paper documents opens the door for human error. If HR audits are taking weeks to complete, and you’re being fined for errors, consider digitizing your HR process.

Improved Security

Human resources manage various forms of personally identifiable information (PII) in paper form. From I-9s, medical records, tax information to social security numbers, HR departments are often a massive target for identity thieves. Digital document management can help your HR team manage your security concerns better.

Automate your HR business processes with VitalScan

Think your company is too big to migrate to a paperless system? Think again. VitalScan’s digital document management solution offers a fully automated system for your HR workflow automation needs.

VitalScan offers an HR workflow solution that helps companies gain control of their employee documents. With VitalScan, you can store, share, and access all of your employee files digitally to improve your organization’s productivity and efficiency. See how our comprehensive workflow automation solutions help eliminate paper and other complex processes that can slow down your business.

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