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Benefits of Document Scanning for Business

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If your office is stacked high with paper, you might’ve thought about how scanning documents can help your business. You may wonder, is imaging worth the initial investment for my business? And should I scan documents in-house or outsource it?

From reducing clutter to improving productivity throughout your office, imaging can help you in multiple ways. Here are seven benefits of document scanning that your business can prosper from:

7 Advantages of Scanning Documents for Business

1) Maximized Office Space

Scanning documents frees up expensive real estate. Instead of dedicating valuable office space towards records storage, you can reallocate it to a more profitable area of your business. And no matter what format your documents are in – tax files, patient records or invoices – scanning consolidates and stores information in a secure cloud database rather than in overstuffed file cabinets.

2) Enhanced Compliance

Whether you’re in the healthcare, legal or financial industry, you want to ensure your business adheres to legal and regulatory requirements. Paper documents are not only challenging to organize, but they’re easy to misplace. Document scanning offers secure access to your most confidential documents when you need it. When you face the most stringent auditor or annual review, you’re fully prepared.

3) Greater Efficiency

A cloud-based document management system permits employees to focus their time on business-at-hand, instead of endless document searches. Sharing electronic documents with multiple staff members in various geographical locations streamlines business processes in a practical, collaborative manner.

4) Improved Security

Your paper documents may be susceptible to deterioration or damage from unfavorable climate conditions or unexpected disasters. Fortunately, document scanning offers enhanced disaster recovery options to minimize impact and get your business back up-and-running quickly. Digital documents are securely backed up to prevent your information from being permanently lost or accessed by an unauthorized third-party.

5) Enhanced Customer Service

In today’s world, there’s a demand for fast answers.  Scanning provides employees access to information quickly, allowing them to respond to customer requests faster. As a result, your business will provide enhanced service levels, thus benefiting from increased customer satisfaction.

6)  Environmentally-Friendly Workplace

Converting to a digital workplace contributes to an environmental management system (EMS).   Imagine how merely altering your document management procedures could reduce deforestation, pollution, and fossil fuel usage.  Document scanning ultimately reduces the amount of paper circulated throughout your workplace while promoting a more eco-friendly environment.

7) Cost-Effective Solution

While document scanning may be considered a costly up-front investment, it can save you money in the long-run. If you imagine the time and resources spent on paper and records stored within your organization, you might find savings by going digital. And best of all, you can scan the documents you need immediate access to, and store the rest in an offsite records storage facility.

Benefits of Outsourcing Document Scanning

Businesses like you need to be productive to grow your business. From boxing up documents, removing staples, to the actual scanning process, scanning documents in-house can be tedious and time-consuming. Scanning services provide professional imaging specialists, high-speed scanners, and state-of-the-art imaging software to turn your paper into searchable digital formats. When you need a file, you can retrieve it from a cloud-based repository and share it easily with staff.

Outsourcing your digital transformation project to a qualified document management partner not only helps save time and money, but it empowers your employees to focus on the business at hand.

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