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Our Leadership

Our team is fully committed to protecting your vital assets.

Our corporate leadership team sets our high standards for customer service, compliance and security.

Image of Chief Executive Officer and President at Vital Records Control-Danny Palo
Danny Palo
Chief Executive Officer and President
Image of Chief Operation Officer at Vital Records Control-Keith Shirley
Keith Shirley
Chief Operating Officer
Image of Chief Financial Officer at Vital Records Control-David Dunavant
David Dunavant
Chief Financial Officer
Image of Vital Records Control Enterprise Business Specialist-Chris Farrell
Chris Ferrell
Chief Development Officer
Charles Bennett Vital Records Control
Charles Bennett
Financial Controller
Image of compliance and information governance specialist at Vital Records Control-Michelle Byrd
Michelle Byrd
Vice President – Compliance
Image of Data Integration Specialist at Vital Records Control-Grant Davis
Grant Davis
Senior Vice President – Integration
Data Integrity Expert at Vital Records Control-Gene Hamilton
Gene Hamilton
Vice President – Customer Experience
Ray Helbig
Ray Helbig
Senior Vice President - Customer Development
Image of VRC Customer Development Specialist-Charlie Holmes
Charlie Holmes
Senior Vice President – Customer Retention
Image of human resources expert at Vital Records Control-Lawson Horton
Lawson Horton
Senior Vice President – Human Resources
Horst Kannenwischor
Horst Kannenwischer
Vice President - Sales and Development
Image of Information Technology Specialist at Vital Records Control-Tony McNair
Tony Maro
Vice-President – Information Technology
Rachel Pruitt-Director of Marketing
Rachel Pruitt
Director - Marketing
Image of Vital Records Control Vice President-Jim Teske
Jim Teske
Senior Vice President
Andrew Ysasi
Vice President – Advocacy