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Records Storage in
Columbia, South Carolina

Securely store all of your business documents with a range of online and management options using our records storage services.

At Vital Records Control Columbia we’re committed to providing our clients with exceptional document storage services throughout the area.

We help Columbia businesses meet the complexities of storing and managing volumes of records. Our storage services offer robust protection and preservation of files, so they’re preserved for years to come. We work with small local businesses, medical clinics, law firms, universities, and several other organizations in Columbia to protect the information and critical documents that matter most to them.

Whether your company relies on paper records, digital documents, or both, we bring the compliance and cost savings you need in a local records management provider.

By storing your records with us, your company will benefit from:

Advanced Security

Storing your records in our offsite Columbia facility protects your information from unauthorized access. Our local center is surrounded by perimeter fencing and monitored code-access gates that only screened employees and visitors may enter. You won’t find a more secure option to store your proprietary business information.


Our compliance team ensures your company complies with federal and records retention guidelines in the state of South Carolina.

Enhanced Disaster Recovery

Self-storage units aren’t protected from fires, floods, insect infestations or unexpected disasters.  Whether you’re required to retain records for five years or twenty, ensure your documents are preserved for years to come by storing them in our offsite storage facility with climate and humidity controls and EFSR fire suppression systems in place.


Crowding your local office space with boxes records leaves little room for revenue-generating activities to take occur. Our Charleston facility offers a low cost per square foot solution to help your company maximize space and produce more profit for your company.

Ease of Access

Keep records organized and immediately accessible with offsite storage. From the moment your boxes are stored with us, they’re barcode scanned, tracked and fed to our web-based records management portal that grants you access them with a click of a mouse.

RFID Technology

We utilize barcode tracking labels in all or our processes. Using our innovative software systems and corresponding web modules, we don’t misplace inventory so we can achieve our 99% customer satisfaction.

Document Scanning and Shredding Services Available

When you choose us as your document storage partner, you’ll receive a holistic suite of records management solutions ranging from document shredding services, document scanning, and tape storage services.


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See how we can help protect your records and documents throughout their life cycle.

Other Services We Offer

Secure Destruction

Document shredding services near me and paper shredding for your confidential documents and data.

Health Information Management

For more than 30 years, we’ve developed custom health information management solutions for medical records departments across the country that help our clients reduce costs and concentrate on patient care.

Document Scanning Services

Focus on your job, not paperwork, with document scanning services.

Media Vaulting

When you trust VRC to store and backup your data, you can be confident that your media and backups are protected and preserved for years to come.