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Fort Myers, Florida

Document Shredding

Looking for document shredding services in Fort Myers, FL or the surrounding region? Look no further than Vital Records Control

For more than 30 years, our team has been trusted by organizations throughout Florida to securely shred their paper files.


Vital Records Control Fort Myers provides document shredding services to protect your intellectual property and your customers’ private information.


When confidential information falls into the wrong hands, organizations become vulnerable to revenue loss, privacy breaches, identity theft, IP theft, scams, and more.


Flexible Shredding Services to Meet Your Needs:

✓ Scheduled, ongoing shredding services
Have us routinely empty the shred bins you keep at your offices or facilities. From weekly to monthly, to everything in-between and more, we can set up a schedule that meets your needs.


✓ On-demand shredding service
If your shredding needs are less regular, we can install bins or consoles and only come by when they’re full.


✓ One-time shred
True, one-time-only services or mixed in (as needed) with scheduled rotations.


✓ Off-site, on-site, or mobile shredding
We can pick up your documents and destroy them on-site in our mobile shredding trucks or take them to our secure shredding facilities.


✓ Shredding bins kept at your organization
We install shredding bins around your office, so employees know where to put documents needing to be shredded.


✓ Hard Drive Destruction

In addition to shredding paper files, we’re capable of destroying flash drives and computer hard drives (where digital files are stored) and shredding magnetic media (such as backup tapes).

When you use our document shredding services, you'll receive:

icon certified

Certificate of Destruction

Upon completion of the shredding, you’ll get a certificate for your records.

icon recycle

Recycling of Shredded Materials

We align with your company's green initiatives by recycling all your shredding materials.

icon chain

Complete Chain of Custody

We provide end-to-end oversight on asset retrieval and incorporate strict protocols in each shredding program.

Other Services We Offer

icon shredding

Secure Destruction

Secure shredding services for your confidential documents and data.

icon health info management

Health Information Management

Streamline the management and exchange of confidential health information.

icon document scanning

Document Scanning Services

Our scanning services convert paper documents into digital images for quick and easy file shares.

icon media vaulting

Media Vaulting

Protect the data you value. Ensure business continuity with long-term data storage solutions.

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Vital Records Control Fort Myers service areas include:

  • Sarasota, FL
  • Naples, FL