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Media Vaulting in
Huntsville, Alabama

Protect your data and gain access to it when you need it with our media vaulting services.

Backup tapes are a tried-and-true backup method. Not as cutting-edge as hybrid cloud solutions, but without the variability in cost or time, either. Not only can they live entirely offline, but they don’t even need to be kept on-premises. Storing backup tapes off-site at a secure facility (also known as off-site tape vaulting) provides the peace of mind that only redundancy and an additional layer of security processes and procedures can.

Controlled access, active security monitoring, chain-of-custody, fire suppression, climate control, online inventory management, and 24/7/365 access to your media mean that your servers and your backups can exist in separate, independently secure locations, without sacrificing any of the convenience of keeping them on-site. We offer scheduled tape rotations, as well as on-demand deliveries and pick-ups, or long-term storage.

At Vital Records Control, we are here to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve, so you can devote your time to pressing work matters, rather than having to waste another minute fretting about your important files.

Affordable and Customized Tape Storage Solutions Provide You:


Multi-level controlled access with surveillance cameras protect your data inside our offsite media vaults.

Offsite Media Vaults

Our offsite media vaults are guarded year-round and are complete with security systems, fire suppression systems, NFPA-compliant sprinkler systems, and state-of-the-art access controls.

24/7 Access

Real-time access to data and 24/7/365 customer support provide you with quick, accurate retrieval times of your crucial business information.

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