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Huntsville, al

Document Scanning Services Huntsville, AL

Huntsville, AL Document Scanning and Imaging Services

Digital documents are easily accessible and can be shared easily across your organization.


Our document scanning services from Vital Records Control allow for the integration of a wide array of papers, images, forms and files to be seamlessly added to your current document management process.


Whether you’re in the legal, healthcare, or financial industry in the Fort Myers areas, our local team of imaging specialists work with you to create an imaging solution that’s right for your company’s needs.


How the Scanning Process Works:

Vital Records Control has extensive experience with all aspects of document scanning. Each scanning project is as unique as the company it was designed for.


Our local Huntsville team works with you to understand your workflow needs and designs a plan to support your scanning needs. This assessment will include source document formats, types of files, destination routing, and more.


We transport your physical files to our secure scanning facility ensuring complete chain of custody throughout the process. Then, we’ll prepare them and scan them.


Our document scanning experts perform custom indexing, review image quality, and assign metadata to your images as required. Your records can be organized according to record classification, department, retention period, and more.


Finally, we’ll deliver the images to our online portal or transfer images to a media format of your choice, host them on our image servers or route them to your own digital repository.


At the end of the process, Vital Records Control can store your documents, return them to you, or securely destroy them.


What We Scan:

  • Sticky notes
  • Medical Records
  • X-Rays
  • Microfilm and Microfiche
  • Bound Books
  • Large format documents (blueprints, maps, and more)

Why Use VRC for Document Scanning Services Near You?

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Save Time

Imagine how much time and frustration you’d save if you could find the exact file you needed as easy as doing a Google search from your desk. No need to walk around asking coworkers if they know where a file is. No more walking across your building and then rooting through filing cabinets and piles of paperwork just to find one folder.

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Free Up Space

Paper files quickly take up a lot of valuable office floor space. To make matters worse, more documents are being created every day. Scanned documents are saved digitally, instead of in a clunky metal filing cabinet. If you lease your office, save money by reducing the amount of space your business needs to operate due to paper records.

icon collaborate easily

Because the files are stored digitally, they can be accessed by authorized employees from wherever they’re working (at home, a different office, etc). No more confusing hand-written notes taped to document. Digitized documents allow you to quickly and easily collaborate on a project with others in your company (no matter how big or small).

Other Document Scanning and Storage Services We Offer

icon shredding

Streamline the management of all your content with easy access from our cloud-based repository.

icon health info management

From data entry to invoice processing, to everything in between, our workflow automation service helps you share, manage, and consolidate documents across all your departments or locations.

icon document scanning

Our experts convert your paper files to digital documents and upload them to our online portal for easy file sharing.

icon media vaulting

Scan the documents you need from storage as you need them for a cost-effective approach to digital transformation.

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