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Montgomery, Alabama

Shredding Services Montgomery, AL

Paper and Document Shredding Services Montgomery, AL

Many companies do not have the time or resources to execute an in-house shredding program. Not only do hand-fed shredders often become jammed while attempting to shred confidential business records in bulk, but they must continuously be emptied and may not destroy your documents beyond recognition.


Vital Records Control Montgomery, AL document shredding services protect the privacy of your data by destroying paper documents and electronic records in a cost-efficient, eco-friendly and compliant way.


Using our online records management portal and tools, you can create retention reports and order shredding services from your records’ creation to the end of their lifespan to ensure consistency and compliance.


Document Shredding Services Montgomery, AL

Whatever your needs and budget — our local Montgomery team will design a shredding program to help your Montgomery company save time, effort, and the hassle of managing paper shredding on your own.  Choose from the following:

  • Mobile Shredding Services

    • Ideal for companies who need to witness the onsite destruction of documents. Our shredding vehicles equipped with commercial-grade shredders come to your office and securely destroy your records onsite at your location.
  • Offsite Destruction Services

    • A cost-effective solution for companies who are heavily paper-dependent, offsite shredding provides a budget-friendly solution to securely clear paper clutter from your office. We pick up your confidential documents and transport them to our secure shredding plant for destruction and recycling.
  • One-time purge projects

    • If your Montgomery company has recently experienced a company move or acquisition, you may have accumulated a large volume of paper records that need to be destroyed immediately. Our one-time shred services securely destroy your paper records to keep your organization compliant quickly and efficiently.

Why use our shredding services?

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Protect your organization’s reputation by securely destroying confidential business and customer information.

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Reduce costs by destroying documents that are obsolete.

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Maintain compliance and in accordance with federal, state and industry regulations to avoid penalties or lawsuits by securely destroying sensitive information.

Other Secure Destruction Services We Offer

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Hosting a shredding event is an excellent way for small businesses, government agencies, and other organizations to raise brand awareness and reward your current clients and community.

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Media and backups must be properly destroyed to remove confidential data from them. Our industrial-grade shredders crush and destroy your hard drives into tiny particles, making data retrieval impossible.

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Vitalshred specializes in Drop-Off Shredding Services for small businesses and government organizations.

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