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Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Records Storage

Keep physical documents safe with secure access with our records storage services.

Is your business looking for a professional records storage facility in Winston-Salem, NC or the surrounding region?


While being new to Winston-Salem, NC, after entering the market in 2018, Vital Records Control is proud to now call it home. We’ve been trusted by companies throughout the area to store their confidential hard copies and records – saving costs and improving records management processes.


Our local team of records storage professionals is dedicated to safeguarding your information assets and your customers’ confidential data.


It’s the convenience of having the security and protection your information needs while having immediate access to it.


Offsite Document Storage provides your business:

 24/7 Convenient Pick-Ups, Deliveries, and Retrievals
There’s no need to transport your documents. Our background-screened staff comes to you to transport your records to our secure offsite records storage facility in GPS tracked vehicles. We offer priority, same-day, and next-day options for your convenience.


 Secure Facilities Equipped with Security Monitoring & Fire Suppression Systems
Our Winston-Salem records center is closely monitored by live security and equipped with 24/7 video surveillance systems. Fire suppression systems exceeding industry standards, NFPA-compliant sprinkler systems, and strict access controls safeguard your records from harm’s way.


 Climate-Controlled Document Storage
You don’t have to worry about your important documents being damaged by climate conditions, mold, fungus, or insect infestations. Our facility maintains a 60 to 80-degree temperature to keep your files in mint condition all year long.


 Compliant Records Storage
Information assets are stored safely and in compliance with federal and NC records retention guidelines. It’s the ideal solution for confidential files, such as medical records, legal files, personnel files, and financial documents that have strict regulations.


 Bar-Coded Tracking System and Indexing
We barcode scan your boxes and records from the moment of creation, up until their end disposition. Files are carefully organized and indexed so that we can quickly retrieve the exact information you need when you need it.


 Web-based & In-Person Access to Your Files
Our web-based records management software, VitalWeb, allows you to sort, view, and manage files remotely at your convenience, 24/7. Additionally, our Winston-Salem facility has an audit room so you can view files in person.


 Storage for Other Information Assets
Store important information formats, including physical backup tapes, microfilm, microfiche, disks, and other media in our secure offsite media vaults.


 Document Scanning and Document Shredding Services
When you work with Vital Records Control, your company benefits from our other comprehensive record management services that bring greater value to your information.

Other Services We Offer

icon shredding

Secure Destruction

Secure shredding services for your confidential documents and data.

icon health info management

Health Information Management

Streamline the management and exchange of confidential health information.

icon document scanning

Document Scanning Services

Our scanning services convert paper documents into digital images for quick and easy file shares.

icon media vaulting

Media Vaulting

Protect the data you value. Ensure business continuity with long-term data storage solutions.

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Vital Records Control Winston-Salem service areas include:

  • Greensboro, NC
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